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King Maker Short Review

Name: King Maker/造王者
Episodes: 28
Genre: Ancient
Cast: Wayne Lai, Kent Cheng, Pierre Ngo, Krystal Tin, Natalie Tong, Patrick Tang, Kingdom Yuen, Florence Kwok, Chris Lai, Elaine Yiu etc

My Comments:
I didn't anticipate this as it looks really boring and serious. But when I started watching it, it wasn't too bad. It was pretty interesting actually. I recon the best parts of the series were the first half maybe, the rest were okay, ofc not all scenes were interesting. At first I thought Wayne would end up with Elaine until Krystal showed up but anyway, they both died.. so yea. It seems many people died in this drama, was pretty sad. I looked forward to seeing the most was Wayne's reunion with his siblings, especially with Patrick coz he was hesitating to tell Wayne he is his brother. After that scene, I started to lose my interest in the series. And then the series started to go tragic and many people died. Pierre was pretty heartless how he wanted to get rid of Chris Lai, his wife and his mother. And also how he was gonna kill Wayne but obviously failed. Thought it was quite random how Kent didn't die and got saved by Wayne (because of Elaine) and is at a stranded island living. Might as well say he died.. its like he turned crazy.. I think most people will go crazy anyway, stranded on an island ALONE... o.o 

Wayne Lai - (Yu Jing) - Liked Wayne's character how he isn't afraid of anyone and follows his own morals. Didn't like how he was so mean to Patrick though D: Wish he could of ended up with Krystal though... sad she died. 

Kent Cheng (Tung Chiu) - Can never understand his character, especially in the beginning after the 10 years. He seemed like he was evil yet he was helping Pierre and stuff. I was wondering if he was telling the truth when he told Elaine that he cares for her a lot and shit... it seemed like he was lying.. but then I don't know for sure. But i guess seeing the end how he said she was dead to him for a long time I guess it was a lie... 

Pierre Ngo (Chiu Kwai Sing) - I like Pierre did a good job at pretending to be still in shock when he came back to his land. I liked how character from the beginning how he cares for the country and its citizens and helps them get out of trouble. But didn't really like him that much afterwards, he seems to not want to become a king anymore and wants to have fun. Also, didn't like how he already has a wife and goes out with Natalie, but guess its normal at that time. 

Krystal Tin (Yim Sam Leung) - I liked her character, she was so cool from the beginning till end. Sadly, her character dies in the end. 

Natalie Tong (Yu Ching) - Didn't like her so much from the beginning coz she was a brat. Was hoping she wouldn't like Wayne since he's her brother but lol, happened. Later, anticipated seeing her relationship with Pierre develop but nothing really cute or sweet to be honest, maybe coz this series is so serious about 'king making' o.o

Patrick Tang (Yu Tsing) - Feel really sad for his character. Its like he never really lived his life happy ever since separating from his family. Sad to see how he was treated from his own brother. And dying so tragically too :/ 

Elaine Yiu (Tung Yuk Kiu) - I swear I thought she was going to take revenge on Wayne or some sort, but she didn't do any of that? Didn't like her character so much though. But also pity how she had to marry such a man to save her family and die tragically too in the end :/

Actor: Wayne Lai
Actress: Krystal Tin
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: N/A
Improved Character: N/A
Scenes: N/A
My rate to this series: 6.5/10

Worth Watching?
It starts off pretty interesting and was still pretty interesting most of the story. I think it's not bad, but its not something I really like. Overall, I did enjoy watching it. :) 

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