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MR Episode 21 & 22
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 21 & 22

Tavia can't stand anymore and when Ha Yu rings back to hong kong, like finally. Tavia just tells him what happened. That Lee Huang Kum nearly dies and stuff. And that it was "Kon"'s fault, when Ha Yu heard it, he was mad and decides to come back to hong kong straight away and get Kon.

When Kon heards about Ha Yu coming back for him, he decides he has to do something. He puts all the things did all onto Tavia. They all got mad. When Ha Yu comes back, everything gets solved, Tavia was innocent, even Lee Huang Kum knows already but she was selfish and blamed a little on Tavia.
In the next episode, "Tong San Da Hng", Sa's daughter which is played by Kate Tsui, finally appears. First Movia comes home and sees Sa. They also see another guy next to Sa from behind. They were like, "Cousin is really a 'Tong San Da Hng'?" Then it was actually actually someone else, Sa's future husband, that she will marry soon.

Then they see a grandma coming out from the taxi and they thought it was Kate. Then Kate finally comes out of the taxi. Moses saw her and was very like, "SEXY SEXY!!" but he didn't know it was Kate until Sa said so.

After they had dinner together, Kate souts at Sa and saying that she has no manners calling Tavia "Lo Lou" and taking the other guy up to eat together which made her didn't want to eat.

Later, Moses is holding a function, dancing. Kate comes along and wants to dance too and she then become the main character of the function, the ad. Later, they had karoke. Kate and Moses was singing together, Kate was dancing again, dancing really sexy attracting Moses. While they were dancing, Tavia was aside watching them, getting mad.

My Comments: LOL! Tavia gets mad! She might already develop feelings...

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