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Beauty On Duty Review
Name: Beauty On Duty/美麗密令
Director: Jing Wong
Writer: Jing Wong
Cast: Charlene Choi, Benz Hui, Sandra Ng, Siu Wong Fan, Tat Ming Cheung etc

My Comments: I downloaded this movie, the WORST thing about it is that it's in MANDARIN!! Not like I don't understand but canto would be wayy better =.=" Anyway. This movie talks abut how Ah Sa gets into the police force and on the first day she gets assigned to be an undercover to protect an important witness' daughter which is going for the Beauty Pageant.
She makes friends with Gwan Gwan. (The girl she needs to protect) On the other hand, Samantha Ko was ordered to kill Gwan Gwan. Luckily Ah Sa and Sandra came in time and aved her without her knowing what was going on. Samantha died.

Overall, the movie was quite interesting, there were funny scenes too, if it was in canto, I think it would of been more funny. I find Tat Ming Cheung's character very funny, how he wants to chase after Sandra but she doesn't like him ^^ It was a bit exggerating how they made it that everyone likes Ah Sa after she slipped into the pool with Chun Long saving her. She got popuklar after that too. A pity how she didn't win at all in the finals. Funny how Sammy had a guest role here.

Favorite Actress - Ah Sa
I'm liking Ah Sa more and more again! XD Looking forward to Emerald and Pearl

Favorite Actor - N/A

Least Favorite Character - This annoying woman
No idea what her name is but she was quite annoying. Love the part where they were trying to get rid of Samantha's dead body but accidentally got the fainted annoying woman into the big bag instead ^^

Funny Character - Tat Ming Cheung
He was hilarous! It was a bit weird how he suddenly stopped loving Sandra and turned to that annoying woman. But he was more funny when he was chasing after Sandra ^^

Couple - Ah Sa and Chun Long
Ah Sa turned Chun Long down coz he told her all these stuff she needs to bear with if they go out. They matched more but pity he was a famous celebrity. Siu Wong Fan was a bit old for her? They didn't match to me.

My Rate to this movie - 8/10 ********
I enjoyed watching this movie, it was good.

Worth Watching?
Yeah, I think it is. It's quite funny if you like comedy. And very interesting.


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