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The Seventh Day - Episode 9
Bosco x Natalie - Part 2 - Another romantic scene

Another romantic scene between Bosco and Natalie!! In this one, Bosco ringed Natalie and asked her out to see the sunset and he called it the 'egg yolk' When they were at the car, Natalie looked sleepy and tried to sleep and hits the bench and Bosco said:

Bosco: Why don't you go to sleep, when the 'egg yolk' comes, I'll call you awake.

Natalie: Okay, remember to call me

Then Natalie took her glasses off and Bosco leaned over and thought, 'If I kissed her right now, I wonder if she would realise' then he though again, well, we're couples now, boyfriend kissing girlfriend just' (I can't really remember what they though but it was something like that) Then on the other side, Natalie was actually pretending to sleep, she thought ' Don't come any closer or else Ill punch you!' Then they just thought, Oh never mind, don't care and etc and then they kissed.

Also this scene was a little funny:

Bosco met Natalie's mother at the ferry station and they said he will come up to their house to eat the next night. And, on the next day, Natalie took Bosco with her to her Dad's fish shop and took a fish, Bosco thought, 'Wow, a wealthy girl is so good to a fish seller' and when they get to their house, Bosco was thinking, how small their house is and asked her, 'Do you live by yourself?' and then she said no and then the fish seller, Natalie's dad and her mother came home and then he found out that Natalie isn't from a wealthy family. Then he hurried to the toliet and rang up his friends and told them, his friend say, 'Maybe 'Wong Wing Fu' wants to test you!' Then Bosco looked at everything in the toliet, he saw new towels, new brushes and thought Natalie's dad is just trying to test him, if he really loves his daughter.
Then he goes out of the bathroom and sat down next to Natalie and she said, let's watch TV and she opened the wrong thing and that made Bosco even think that she is from a wealthy family. Then, they went to eat, Natalie saw the food was from a resturant and asked her mother why is it from a resturant, then Bosco thought, 'C'mon, even if you want to lie to me, at least take away those decoration off the plate' Then Bosco saw Natalie moving a pot of plant and thought that plant has something to record him, then he started to talk to Natalie's parents and then later he was looking at the plant to say and Natalie's parents are just wondering where he was looking and moved themseleves to see where he was trying to look at.
My Comments: I likd both scenes, they were both quite funny, especially when Bosco keeps thinking that Natalie is from a wealthy family, liked the romantic scene, so sweet! And, sorry about that screencap on second one, there's one very blury...

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