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2010 Short Series Review
The Comeback Clan
Every Move You Make
Cupid Stupid

No Regrets - Though I haven't finished the series, I am already (bet everyone is) finding it very interesting. It's as good as Rosy Business. Every episode is very interesting to watch. Looking forward to the ending!

A Fistful of Stances - I absolutely enjoyed watching this drama. It was VERY interesting as well. Maybe the first few eps were okay but it got interesting, I love Kenneth's character, so smart and solving things so easily XD

Can't Buy Me Love - This series was also enjoying to watch, it was funny at times, not the best drama but enjoyable family drama.

Gun Metal Grey - I know I haven't finished this either but this one is also interesting. Not as good as the others but there is a reason why its an anniversary series. ;D

Ghost Writer - I liked this drama, it was interesting too. Fala's character standed out more.

The Mysteries Of Love - This one is OKAY. Many people like this, I recon its coz of FungYi?! But it was alright, I didn't like it THAT much though but overall enjoying too.

THE OKAYA Watchdog's Tale - Yeah, this series ended up alright. Was expecting to be more interesting but was just alright.

Sisters of Pearl - This one was actually more interesting. But I don't like it to put in The Good I guess...

Pillow Case of Mystery II - I didn't find this very interesting.. it was funny at times too. I enjoyed watching Leila and Joel though :)

The Season Of Fate - I liked Roger's character! He was funny, this one is actually quite good too, but again, not as good to be in The Good for me.

My Better Half - Yeah again, this was good too. It was funny. There were so many funny scenes, I love how Michael was pretending to make milk tea with the stockings!! And the last scenes like the giving birth scene. Enjoyed this!

When Lane Merges - The cast was very appealing but it was alright I guess. It was a little better than I expected it to be since it had a very boring look.

The Beauty Of Game - This was interesting, I always like watching entertainment circle series. It was very interesting!! Liked seeing Kate and Sharon's character develop... good and bad... lol XD Some exaggerating scenes though.

Beauty Knows No Pain - This was okay. I liked Elena's character. Angela Aunite! XD Love her 'cannot cannot' and calling Michelle Yim '前CASH太'

THE BADIn the Eye of Beholder - I was thinking if this should be in The Bad or The Okay. But decided the bad, since it was very boring in the middle. Only interesting in the beginning. Still can't believe his real identity was revealed so early... which was so gay...

Suspects Of Love - Yes... absoutely BORING!!

Growing Through Life - Same with this one, it was okay, prob more in The Okay than The Bad. But I didn't like it that much... some scenes were interesting though...

Fly With Me - Yes... again... BORING!!!!!!!

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