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Legend of Demigods - Episode 16 - 20 Review
Sunny decides to go to the Grand Wizard's palace and try saving Stephen. On his way there, he gets bitten by a big bat.

Sunny helps Nancy recover her memory, that she is "Mok Che" which is Stephen's wife, but Stephen cannot remember her anymore. Nancy knew the Grand Wizard are doing bad things, she doesn't want to continue, but she wants to stay with Stephen forever, so she stays.

Last time, Sunny got bitten by a bat, he turns into a monster after Benny saying some nasty things. And he beats Benny up. They come in time and helps him but he can still turn into a monster when he gets angry.

Linda's weapon, has kinda died after what "Siu Sin" did. She has to remember all the words to save it. She always gets sleepy, Sunny comes once and reads it to her, she remembers half and thought there was a dream godness and tells everyone. The underground godnesses wonder what it was and watches for that dream godness to come and they find out it's Sunny. Later, Linda rememberes all the words and saves her weapon and instead, it split into 5, her weapon got stronger.

They once again, "ALL" come to grand wizard palace and attack them. Sunny was fighting with Stephen, and of coruse he cannot defeat him. Nancy the hugs onto Stephen and tells Sunny to kill them together so they can get away with darkness and be together again. Sunny did and they died and on the fire, they come up telling Sunny to have confidence with himself. And then their swords turn into a ball.

Sunny's bat posion gets cured with Benny when they come back to the town. While they were curing it, Benny finds out that "Gum Yin" isn't Gum Yin.

They talk to her and find out she is the thrid princess, they make her leave.

Also, I didn't mention before, when they all go to the grand wizard palace, Linda was able to save her mother but too bad that the grand wizard uses her snake tongue and swallowed her mother. Linda has to follow the grand wizard around and help her.

When Linda and the grand wizard arrive back at the crashed palace, the grand wizard gets weaker and Linda saves her.

The garnd wizard lets go of Linda's mother but to set her free, she has to exchange Linda. The Grand Wizard wants Linda to be her disciple. She agrees.

Sunny and Benny are worried about Linda so they come to the palace and joins her. The garnd wizard requests for Benny and Sunny's blood, or else she will drink Linda's. They give her their blood and Lidna finds out and stops her.

Later, Sunny and Benny planned and pretends to be the grand wizard's big enemies and lets her kill him, bit its a pretend. After grand wizard killing, she finds that all her revenge was worthless, but just then, she realizes it was a plan and she thought Linda was invovled. She turns Linda to a old lady and no one would know its Linda.

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