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The Season Of Fate Review
Name: The Season Of Fate
Episodes: 25
Genre: Pre-modern, Food, Life
Cast: Roger Kwok, Esther Kwan, Derek Kwok, Michelle Yim, Lawrence Ng, Oscar Leung, Vivien Yeo, Regen Cheung, Mimi Lo etc

My Comments
Never anticipated this series, the cast was not appealing at all to me. The storyline wasn't that interesting either. The first few episodes were practically 'boring' to me since mostly because of the so not 'appealing' cast. But it did get a bit better along the way. I started enjoying after where they find out that Lawrence is Roger's father's "Si Dai" It never occurred to me that Lawrence was an villian in this series, I thought he was just like a nice role or something.

I don't like much to say this series, it's overall OKAY. Coz there really are boring bits of the series too. Though there was interesting parts and funny parts, but also some boring parts.

Oh! And I really like the ending! Where Esther makes Roger to say what he wrote on the letter in front of everyone and he goes, "Ah! You are my little star! Ah! You are my moon!" Something like that and then someone goes, "He means, he wants to see you at night but not the day!" That was funny!! XD

Roger Kwok (Ma Wing Ching) - I enjoyed watching Roger's character. He was funny and entertaining to watch. His acting skills are very good.

Esther Kwan (Lin Sheung Chun) - Esther's acting skills are very good too! Haven't seen her in a while. Though her acting skills was good, it still didn't really appeal to me much.

Derek Kwok (Leung Kau Miu) - Why is he called Kau Miu? He acts girly enough in the series and also has a girly name? lol. Leung Kau Miu is like a combination of Cheung Ching Yee (DIE) and Cici (WOIL) to me. A fighting side of him and also a girly side.

Michelle Yim (Wang Yuek Lam) - She was practically 'dumb' throughout the whole series except for the last episodes. Well her character wasn't annoying or anything.

Lawrene Ng (Yam Fei Yeung) - Wow... I seriously didn't know he was evil here. I guess he deserved that ending, never expected that Mimi would kill him, well actually he didn't die but yea. Hate how he pushes everything to Wing Ching and Oscar would mistaken him.

Oscar Leung (Yam Shing Tin) - He's got a quite a big role here. They say it was suposed to be Ron's at first right?? Yeah, like I said before, hate how he mistakens Roger, but I don't hate HIM. Just hate the fact. I enjoyed watching him and Vivien, very sweet ^^ His acting has improved but still lots of space for improving.

Vivien Yeo (Wong Kam Fung) - Yea, enjoyed watching her and Oscar. Actually hated Roger a bit for trying to pull them apart. Lol. But is it just me? Oscar seems really short and tiny for Vivien HAHA XD. But when you see Oscar fight with Derek, he has muscles! O.O LOL XD

Actor: Roger
Actress: Esther
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Improved Character: Vivien Yeo
Couple: Oscar & Vivien
Scene: Last scene!
My Rate to this series: 6/10 ******

Worth Watching?
Ah, well if you don't really like pre-modern series, then maybe don't bother. Its not really a series you cannot miss out or something. But it was OKAY. But you can give it a go if you like. Roger was funny ^^

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