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E.U Episode 21 - 22 Review
They talk back about how before after Sum Jeh found out that Laughing might be undercover, she actually contacted Michael Miu before Laughing, so Michael actually knew this all.

Michael is trying on both Ron and Laughing to see if they're undercovers. Ron passed. Michael told Laughing to kill Ron because he stole the drugs but he didn't. They were trying Laughing. It looked like Laughing passed it too.

But actually, they tried him again. They told him to kill himself. But luckily they were only trying them, so there weren't any bullets.

So Michael found out that Laughing is an undercover, he told Ron to kill him. They started to have a fight. But it was a fake. That day, it was Sammul's wedding day, he went up the mountains to find something and then heard a gun shot.

He saw Ron and Laughing fighting and saw Ah Zhong trying to kill Laughing from backwards so Sammul hit him and he fainted. He got his gun and shot Laughing. Laughing rolled down the mountain. Ron tried to take him to the hospital.

But Laughing said no. He killed himself with another shot so Ron can get up easily in Chong Heng. Laughing told Ron to go to his house and see his diaries.

After Laughing's death, Ron went to his house and read his diares. He started to cry.
Comments: That was so sad and tragic. But I don't seem to really hate Pak

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