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Wish and Switch Review
Name: Wish and Switch
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern
Cast: Myolie Wu, Selena Li, Johnson Lee, Vincent Wong, Angela Tong, Kiki Sheung etc

My Comments: *may contain spoilers*
I've always looked forward to seeing this series since Selena is in it, although it didn't seem like it'd be very good. I liked the idea how they swapped, there were many funny moments. It seems like recently I've been watching these 'switching' kind of dramas, like Secret Garden (korean drama), although they were all a girl and a guy instead of two girls. Anyway, i did enjoy watching this series, I really didn't expect Myo to die like that in the end... I thought somehow maybe she won't die since the drama doesn't seem like it'd turn into a tragedy. Her death scene was pretty sad :/But at least her death changed her family members. I didn't like how her family members treated her like she was some servant - what angela said in the last ep. And I thought Yes Madam would appear again in the end o.o guess not...
Can't help but feel Johnson's role didn't serve much of a purpose until near the end where he turns evil-ish because of the magical website. You can tell the series is trying to educate us... especially at the end how Johnson didn't press enter but ran off to someone that looked exactly like "Suk Heung".
I also thought it was weird how they said Vincent went to America and took some course and he changed dramatically... it was just weird, I didn't like it. They should of just made him realise he really loves Hailey, then does something to get her back... idk, just what I think... The car plate was something sweet though ^__^

Myolie Wu (Fan Suk Heung) - I enjoyed seeing Myo as Hailey, it was funny since she didn't know how Selena's lifestyle really was. Especially where Vincent cut her hair off XD
According to wikipedia, Myo's english name in Wish and Switch was Sarah.... she was never called that right?! O.o

Selena Li (Hou Yurk Hoi/Hailey) - Selena didn't have much screen time in the beginning, I liked her character more towards the middle and near the end. I felt sorry for her how she's already revealing her feeling to Vincent and yet he doesn't do anything about it. Screaming 'i love you' in front of everyone is pretty embarrassing... :/

Johnson Lee (Koo Ka Yan) - Well, I don't really like Johnson's character that much... he doesn't do much in the series its like. I didn't like how he didn't talk back to the Sean guy when he was humiliating him so much at the fast food restaurant, then he totally got depressed. It was sad when he was telling Myo he didn't want to hate her and stuff. And I didn't like how he blamed Myo for everything...

Vincent Wong (Wing Yiu/Wayne) - I enjoyed watching Selena and Vincent as a couple but they don't have that much screen time. I like when the guy never admits his feeling XD But sadly we don't get to see much of them, the piano scene was nice :)

Actor: N/A
Actress: Myolie Wu
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: N/A
Improved Character: Vincent Wong?
Couple: Selena & Vincent. I don't think Myo and Johnson look good together XD
Scenes: When Myo and Selena switched?!
My rate to this series: 6.5/10

Worth Watching?
Well, I think its enjoyable. But it really depends. For those who like 'serious' kind of dramas may not like it. It was funny but the end how Myo died was sad.

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