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MR Episode 10
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 10 Vincent comes back to Hong Kong because he wants to quit school. Ha Yu was mad when he found out and tried forcing him back to school but in the end, he told them what really happened. They all lie to Michelle that he is still overseas. they all have fun together. Then suddenly, Ha Yu cries. He said he thinks back when they were small, he does the same thing to make them happy, now, even wants to see them, he has to hide from Michelle. He regrets that he chose Michelle.

Moses decides to stop playing with "Gou Pel" He borrowed money from the bakery to move houses away from Michelle. Unforunatley, a grandma lost all her money, so Moses was being nice and lend it to her. Tavia doesn't believe it and pretends to call Lousie. Moses then cried out, Tavia then knew it was true. Later Moses pretends and say he was actually pretening to cry.

Sussana's birthday comes, Kate, her daughter and everyone else pretends to forgot. But in the end they all come to celebrate with her. Though Kate is overseas, they only talked in the computer with webcam. Sussanna was very happy and she decided to kiss people. She kissed her dad and Louise and Vincent. The others ran away.

My Comments: Sa is just so funny! The things she say and the things she act are just so funny!

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