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Winter Melon Tale Summary Ep 1 - 5
In the beginning, they show the king of the heavens with other gods dancing hip hop and singing. Very funny! And when it was king of heaven's mother's birthday, Liu Kai Chi accidentally ate the food for her birthday. For punishment, he was locked in a winter melon for 500 years. After 500 yrs, Sunny and Louise finds the winter melon and opened the lock but when they saw him, they got scared and ran away.

Liu Kai Chi found out that he couldn't go back to heaven because he hasn't said or did anything to say thank you to the people who saved him. And when he was searching for Sunny and Lousie, Sunny's older brother which looked very alike to Liu Kai Chi feel down the moutains and somehow his Liu Kai Chi went into his body and Sunny' brother died. And he was convinced that he was a human when he woke up.

Liu Kai Chi's disciples came to find him. But he thinks that he IS a human but later find out that he IS a god. Also, on the other side, there was a shot of Nancy with a mirror, which is a mirror that shows that she is a monster. Also, Liu Kai Chi wanted to get out of the body but he couldn't in the end.

Comments: This series is so far alright, I'm up to episode 10. I won't be doing anymore screencaptures, this is only a short summary about the series.

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