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'One Steven and Linda Scene'
This isn't really a really romantic scene but I guess its a more 'One Steven and Linda Scene'

Episode 8: The WindChime

Linda and Steven went eating and when they finished they went pass a tram stop and Linda was trying to climb up to the roof but Steven stopped her and said 'It's illegal' And they chatted and then Linda said:

Linda: Do you know why I like climbing up on the roof? It because of the WindChime! See? Over there

Then Steven closed his eyes and listened to it, so as Linda but then for a few seconds later, Linda opened her eyes and saw Steven and she said 'Lingaling...' like how the screencaps, subtitles said.

One day Steven was driving and saw the windchime gone and he went up there and the cleaner told him, that amily has gone and he found the windchime in the rubbish. Then he went back to Kent's factory, he cleaned it and then went up to Linda's house. He gave it to her and she was happy and she hanged it near the window. And then she said:

Linda: Ha, I only said it once and you remember it?

Steven: I have good memory

Linda: Do u like me? You want to chase after me!?!

Steven: No...

Linda: I'm only joking...Of coruse you won't...

Actually Steven does like Linda but he's saying it...seems like Linda didn't expect Steven to like her or something...I wonder how she would react when she found out Steven likes her...And I think I'll be making some screencaps of AJCL when Elaine dies and maybe some other ones to show everyone after Elaine's death, Linda totally changed, her style of clothes, dyed her hair back to black and etc. She also found a job in an office.

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