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E.U Review
Name: E.U/Emergency Unit/學警狙擊
Episodes: 30
Genre: Police
Cast: Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Michael Miu, Michael Tse, Kathy Chow, Elanne Kong, Kaki Leung
My Comments: I recon this is a really good series. The prequels, "The Acadmedy" and "On the first beat" were just alright for me and didn't find it very interesting, but instead this sequel was the best out of all I think. It was quite interesting, maybe because of Ron and Michael's awesome performance. And I mean Tse, Miu is alright too. The series is quite good, it's very exciting sometimes. The ending was alright to me but it seems everyone doesn't like the ending? Is that true? Someone told me the ending was crap. Maybe the ending was too happy or is it because Yau Yau and Ah Mun didn't end up together? Well, it WAS a pity they didn't end up together but I guess its because that theres going to be a fourth installment and they're probably going to use someone else instead.
Ron Ng (Chung Lap Mun) - I love Ron's performance, it was very good, he improved alot! I enjoyed watching him a lot. I also like Ron's hair, very cool! ^^ But is there really any police that actually don't mind sacrificing their own lives to catch bad people? Like Michael and nearly Ron.
Sammul Chan (Lee Pak Kiu) - Well his character was just alright to me, sometimes I think he's a bit dumb? Mostly boring? But sometimes I like him.^^ Sometimes think he's cool! lol. Hopefully next sequel he won't be that boring and hope to see his character shine?
Michael Miu (Kong Sai-Hau) - He was alright too really. His character wasn't that interesting either? He acts very cool and I don't like his hair, why is it so white?
Michael Tse (Laughing Gor/Sir) - At first, Laughing was alright to me but when I found out he was an undercover police I began to like watching him, he exgerates everything, makes me laugh all the time, I really like his character. Michael played well too. Loved how he exgerates Sum Jeh's cakes and etc. For some reason, i found it funny how he was blowing Michael's phone in the beginning. lol. Sad that he died. Can't wait for the movie though.
Kathy Chow (Sum Jeh) - Sum Jeh was alright to me since the beginning till the end. I found her a little selfish how she wanted to stop Ah Mun from being an undercover. Ah Mun is doing his work trying to help the society capture these bad people. And there she tries to stop him, well I know she really loves him but it just sounds really selfish to me. no offense. but i feel really sad for her to die to tragically.
Elanne Kong (Kong Yau Yau) - I enjoyed watching Yau Yau and Ah Mun, their moments were cute and nice to watch. Near the end, the relationship got a little bored i recon but still alright. I also didn't like how Yau Yau tried t stop Ah Mun too. But never mind, she just wants to protect both of them. And I have to mention, for Elanne's first time in a drama, I recon her acting isn't very bad.
Kaki Leung (Fa Yeuk-Bo) - While Elanne's acting isn't bad, I don't think Kaki's is very good. Well, it IS her first time it? I have no idea. But if its her first time, this role is quite big! Her character is a bit annoying at times how she refused to accpet Sum Jeh as her sister.
Actor: Ron Ng
Actress: n/a
Least Favorite Character: n/a
Most Improved Character: Ron? Michael Tse?
Couple: Ron and Elanne
Scene: Exciting ones! ^^
My rate to this series: 4.5/5 ****
Worth Watching?
I recon it is! Go ahead and watch it if you haven't!

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