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MR Episode 37
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 37 Susanna comes to Michelle's newsreporter session. She talks about Michelle stealing everything, eg, stealing Lousie's husband, her daughter and husband. Kate talks back to her, Sa gets angry and says she will never forgive her and leaves in tears.

On the other hand, Bosco comes back to Hong Kong, Linda finds out why Bosco has been depressing these days. She finds out that Clarie died in England. She asks Bosco why he pretends to get married with Clarie and say it on his blog. Bosco explains and Bosco hugs Linda. Raymond then rings up.

Also, Lee Huang Kum died in the end of the episode. Before she died she talked to Michelle alone. The doctor didn't tell her she will die in a few hours. She told Michelle to accpet 3 things, Michelle knows she will die so she says yes.

My Comments: The reason should be Michelle pushing her down the stairs. And Kate, if I'm not wrong, should be the one who told everyone that it was her.

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