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SITS Review
Sweetness In The Salt Review

My Comments: I had expectations for this series because it was a Steven and Tavia pairing and also I like Tavia Yeung. But it kinda disappointed me a bit. I didn't much like Tavia and Steven's story. I didn't really like how Steven betrayed Tavia and etc. In fact Tavia and raymond's story was actually better. but I don't excatly like that pair. I prefer Steven more. But too bad he actually killed her parents...not literally kill but yea.

This series is overall alright. There are scenes that are boring and good. But I don't like how they made Raymond die in the end. So sad. And there were less Steven and Tavia scenes so I decided to stop making screencaptures. I don't have alot to talk about this series. So let's move on.


Actor - Steven Ma: His character was alright. Though I also like raymond's character. he is really smart, but i still like steven more.

Actress - Tavia: I like Tavia's character. She can fight and she's nice. She played Sing Suet very well. Though I still think Moonlight was better XD

Least Favorite Character - Aemiliana chan (Wu Ting Yin): I don't like her character. She betrays everyone. Especially how she stole Joel from her sister. But she didn't play bad.

Improved Chatacter - Raymond Wong (Wu Ting Hin): I like his character. He's smart but too bad he is so weak and sick. But I'm glad they at least made him cure his disease and THEN die. But so sad he died.

Couple - Tavia and .....Steven/Raymond: I can't chose. In the series it might be Raymond but I like Steven and Tavia pairing more...

My Rate to this series: 3/5 ***

Worth Watching? Well that depends if you like modern series more or ancient. But if dislike might not like it, coz they all talk about salt and stuff, but give it a go, its not too bad.

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