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Series Review: Survivor's Law II

Name: Survivor's Law II
Episodes: 20
Main Cast: Kenneth Ma, Sammul Chan, Ella Koon, Selena Li
Righteous young man Sun Man Kwan (Kenneth Ma) comes from the grassroots. To put the doctrine "All men are equal before the law" to the test, he study law at university. After a few years of hard work he has finally become a lawyer. Although his boss appreciates his unconventional way of doing things, his colleagues always try hard to avoid him. His personal assistant, Cheuk Wai Ming (Sammul Chan), is an exception. Ming admires Kwan's out-of-the-box style and always lends him a hand on the quiet. As time goes by, two men become good friends. Kwan defies the rich and the influential. In light of this, he looks down upon Suen Lei Lei (Ella Koon), who is also a lawyer, for what she does and how she behaves. Their frequent co-operations very often are full of hilarious episodes. In Lei's eyes, Kwan is no different than a rascal who leads a lousy life and who always dallies with women. Later on, Lei is attacked and almost gets killed because of a lawsuit. Fortunately, Kwan comes to her rescue. Not until then does she realize she loves him indeed. But fate has it that she and Ming have become lovers for the sake of her father's business. Meanwhile, just when their relationship is at a standstill, Ming learns that his ex-girlfriend, Cheng Choi Yuk (Selena Li), is pregnant with his child.

My Comments:
This series was great, I enjoyed the whole series, every bit was very good, I'm sure a lot of people would like this series, I loved all the main characters, Kenneth, Sammul, Ella and Selena, they all have great acting skills, Selena is improving so much! Same to Kenneth, it's his first time have lead role. This series is definaltey better than the ones from before, Marriage of Inconivence and The buliding blocks of Life. I really liked the bits where they say Kenneth and Ella aruging all the time, also was really sweet when Ella said 'I love you' in the court and then after, they were calling each other husband/wife. So sweet. Also liked Selena and Sammul scenes too, they were so cute together, I have to admit, they look cuter together than Ella and Kenneth, but I liked Ella and Kenneth's love more, it was more exciting, Selena and Sammul's was a little plain, not that exciting but I really did enjoy bits of them too. I hope to see more other series of Selena and Sammul paired up!! They really match, so cute together, I wonder if Selena and Ella swapped roles and Kenneth and Sammul swapped roles in the beginning, I wonder if it would still be a good series, just wondering if Selena and Sammul would still look so cute together if they were all fighting like Ella and Kenneth...hehe. Hmmm....I wonder if there's gonna be a SL3?? hehe...I dont think so...
Main Cast Thoughts:

Kennetha Ma: This is my first time seeing Kenneth in lead role, I have to admit, he did a great job, his was also really funny in Survivor's Law II. I'm sure there's alot of fans of him now, I remember I rread an article before about 'The Four' they say Ron, Sammul, Kate and Kenneth was going somewhere to film, and they all had fans, taking photos etc but Kenneth didn't have any, but now, I don't really think so...
Ella Koon: My second time seeing Ella in lead role, she also did a good job. The way how she acts like she's really rich and everything was really good! It was really good, I also hope to see her more in series, only seen her twice.
Sammul: I haven't seen much Sammul series, but I have some, I didn't really liked him much, especially in 'On the first Beat' I dont know why but just didn't like him. But after watching this series, I feel that I like him more, I like when Sammul sometimes in the series, he does this kind of look, which looks really innocet, so cute! Acually, every look does look innocet, maybe only when he looks angry I guess
Selena: I loved her too, I acually liked all the characters in Survivor's Law II, Selena was also great, she improved heaps, but I dont know why, still missing something, but she did improve. I've seen Selena take roles as good girls ALL the time, wanna see her in other roles, like evil, but maybe it'll be better if she takes a lead role, a lead role that is the main. I really wanna see a series that that, maybe paired up with Sammul...
Actor: Kenneth and Sammul (can't decide)
Actress: Selena Li
Least Favrite Character: None
Improved Character: Selena
Couple: Selena and Sammul (so cute!)
Scene: Heaps! like the part where Kenneth said Ella looks prettier than his breakfast
My rate to this series: *****
Worth Watching?
Definatley!!! Enjoyed all episodes, also cannot miss any episode!! Everyone shoudl watch it, if you haven't watched it yet. Only thing, is that I think they should of made Sammul remember everything in the end

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