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Bottled Passion Review
Name: Bottled Passion/我的如意狼君
Episodes: 21
Genre: Pre-modern
Cast: Raymond Wong, Niki Chow, Elaine Yiu, Katy Kung, Rebecca etc

My Comments:
The series was enjoying to watch but I didn't like how tvb decided to add another episode of Raymond's death. It was pretty obvious for him to die when I realised there was another episode, but since they made his death kind of mysterious, I thought they were gonna make him didn't die in the end and Niki's turn to wait for the 10 years for him but guess not. The end was pretty typical how Raymond didn't go to the hospital first but was trying to find Niki. TVB sure likes to make it dramatic, if he went to the hospital immediately, there would be a higher chance of him surviving and therefore you can live with her happily forever but they choose to search for the girl... and die in the end... But Raymond's version is a little different, he couldn't find Niki and found a boat and died on it.... And Jack gave hope to Niki and she kept waiting. This series revolves around them waiting for each other...
I thought the last episode was pretty unnecessary though, especially how they even added Katy in it. They made it sound the Ko Family are all so heartless. I guess tvb wanted to make Raymond die to tell the audience taking revenge is bad :/ Despite, i think most of the audience wanted his revenge to be successful :D One second, I thought Rebecca finally regretted her actions but she never did even when she was dying.
I liked Raymond and Niki's childhood story, its very sweet of him to wait for her every ten years. They also kept talking about them having two lives, first was when they were kids and second was when they met again with different names. Niki was talking about it in the end again too.
I wonder if Niki finally remembered her childhood though? They only talked about her finding herself to be the little girl. I thought this series should be aired at another time since it wasn't that bad, people would probably forget about this series very soon.

Raymond Wong (Tung Bun Sin/Li Ho) - I really enjoyed watching Raymond taking his revenge, at first I thought his character was going to be very evil
and perhaps even kind of heartless in order to take his revenge but it was the opposite. He felt bad for what he did to Niki and I really wanted to see him successfully take revenge.

Niki Chow (Tsui Sum) - Niki's character is pretty ordinary, the nice girl in the series. I feel neutral to Niki's character. Felt sorry for Jack though, still kind of was waiting for her till the end.

Elaine Yiu (Ko Yee Kiu) - Elaine's character was alright, I had a feeling that she would stab Raymond to death but didn't expect her to poison herself too. When she stabbed him, it reminded me of when Katy stabbed Kenneth from Grace Under Fire. But Katy's version just looked like she was some crazy woman killing someone. Elaine wanted to die with Raymond I guess but she didn't die though.

Katy Kung (Ko Yee Nga) - I don't really like Katy's character, she's a brat that pretends to be a good daughter but in fact is the total opposite. She makes up stories and lies to her parents. But I enjoyed the way how Raymond got close to her and kept r
ejecting at the beginning.

Rebecca Chan (Tung Kwok Hing) - She was sure evil indeed, can't believe she can push a 6 year old kid into the river, she's pretty good with these evil roles though. She favours her son over her daughters and makes the daughters go her way. It's very unfair to Elaine and Katy. Katy didn't seem to care much since shes pretty good at making her mother happy whereas Elaine is different. Both her daughters really have her genes, especia
lly Katy in the end, seeing the newspaper with no shock at all.

Raymond Cho (Tsui Ping) - He was a nice brother to Niki although he seemed like a person that was controlled by his wife alot in the beginning. Claire seemed like one of those selfish wives in typical series but as the series went on, she wasn't that bad. She cared for the family when they were crucial times although her speech can be a little too mu
ch at times. Although Raymond Cho and Niki aren't blood related, they are like real siblings, it's nice to see that. Their sibling relationships are way better than the real related siblings of the Ko family.
Vin's character was pretty... plain? and unnecessary? Except for when it was his fault for their business to be sold to Raymond Wong.

Joel Chan (Ko Yee Tai) - I wasn't used to Joel back into these characters again at first since I finished Curse and then started this. He dies in both characters. His character is not smart like his mother, just any typical 'rich person's son' (Fu Yi Doi/Yee Sai Jou).

Actor: Raymond Wong
Actress: Niki Chow
Least Favourite Character: Perhaps Katy? :/
Funny Character: Eric Li
Improved Character: Elaine?
Couple: Raymond and Niki
Scenes: Well... not really any in particular...
My rate to this series: 7.5/10

Worth Watching?
Well, it's certainly not something bad, I recon can give it a go. Ray and Niki are like a sad love story which overcame many obstacles to be together but in the end they're "Yai Yun Mou Fun"

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