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MR Episode 26
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 26

Moses' PR Company, all went out the ship and celebrate, everyone was swimming and doing things. Kate was just sitting there. Tavia asked Moses was smart to get the business. Moses went to Kate and asked her what's up. Kate told him her secret that she actually has a tatoo on her leg thats really disgusting. Soon, Moses was suposed to stay with Tavia do work but Kate pulled him out which made Tavia mad. Moses and Kate then went swimming, Moses helped her.

On the other hand, Sa was kicked out and she finally regrets what she have done. She writes a letter saying she really regrets and hope everyone will forgive her. Everyone ignored her and she went crying in the restarant. Fala saw her chuck the letter and saw her cry. Fala picks it up and shows everyone. Everyone then forgives her but still, they don't really pay much attention to her.

Michelle rings up Sa, telling her that there is business with them. Sa goes out but she was trying to tell her to stop. When Michelle finds out, she leaves. Sa follows and slaps Michelle. Michelle accidentally falls off the esculators. When she was in the hospital, she tells Koon to must sue Sa till she goes to jail.

When Michelle is better, still not awake yet, she heard Ha Yu and Lousie's phone call. She wasn't happy and changes her mind of sueing Sa, saying that she fell off by accident. When Sa explains herself, no one believes that she wasn't trying to get money from Michelle.

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