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Legend of Demigods - Episode 6 - 10 Review
Halina Tam, the grand wizard puts poison in all the water in the town. Linda's mother sees the posion and tells the whole family not to drink it with an excuse of the water is dirty. Soon, everyone in the town has a big stomach due to the poison water. Everyone tries finding Halina since they all think she's the good. But she is no where to be found. Linda's mother used her tear to cure everyone.

Halina finds Linda, she wants to have Linda has her disciple but Linda refuses and Halina decides to play her family. She tells Linda's father that his wife is a monster. He doesn't believe at first but when he sees at night that his wife is teaching Linda some weird magic, he believes. She wasn't teaching Linda weird magic but real magic. Linda's father used the potion that Halina gave him and let his wife drink it. When she drinks it, she turns into a tree. She could of cured herself with her tear but Halina comes and stops her tear. When the whole town comes into their house and sees Linda's mother, Halina says that Linda's father is also a monster and turns him into a pig and also takes away Linda's mother because her tears can cure her face. Halina then goes. Then everyone in the town says Linda is also a monster so decides to kill her. Linda escapes.

After escaping, even Benny thinks that Linda is a monster, Sunny doesn't and he searches for Linda but she is no where to be seen. Linda sees "Siu Sin" she has turned evil due to some magic from episode 1. She hits down Linda and by the time Linda wakes, everyone is on the verge of killing her. Sunny comes and saves her. They go to Benny's house to hide but Benny doesn't know. Soon, Benny believes she is not a monster. Linda, Sunny & Benny then sets off to find Linda's mother. "Bed Grandma" (I Made it up) gives them this triangle thing to help them. They eventually went back to Sunny's house. And figured out that Sunny's grandfather and the "Lai" family are eniemes. Sunny along with Linda and Benny soon solves the problem and also finds a light that can kill the darkness monsters. (That sounds weird =.=)

But after the problem, Benny, he got controlled by Halina and he steals Sunny's sword and the light they found. Linda and Sunny founds out and follows him to the Grand Wizard's Palace. They all go to an dead end with no bridge to cross over to the Palace. Benny chucks the sword and light off the cliff, Linda jumps off to get them and falls down but luckily, there was a invisible bridge. Also, Sunny has fainted due to a rock hitting his head. Linda runs to the other side with Benny chasing after. They arrive there and Benny got hold of Linda and strangles her. The light starts talking and tells Linda to kill Benny but in the end Linda didn't. And also, the light was actually fake.

Soon, later Halina gets hold of Linda of coruse and takes her to her mother, her mother thinks Linda dies and cries. Later, Halina was trying to suck Linda's happy and etc, but luckily again, she gets saved by someone, Halina Tam's husband but they are now eniemes. And he also saves Benny to wake up.

The next day, "Bed Grandma" comes and tells them that Charmaine Li is sick and on the verge of dieing, she wants to see "Long Ai" Linda and the others found him but he needs to help Dragon King's third daughter to deliver a letter which is on his back. They decide to go together. But when they were talking, some people heard and they fighted. After the fight, Linda was amazed of Sunny's skills and hold his hand without thinking and says "Is this what you did?" But that was Stephen not Sunny. Benny sees and gets jealous. They went to a little restaurant, those people are pretending to be old people. They lie to them and they kinda found out and left.

When they left, after a few times going in and out the same way, they finally found out that it was fake, like they were in a big locked with a fake sky. When they were trying to get out, Linda saw a door and asked Sunny to chop the lock open but of coruse he needs Stephen's help. Benny used the thing he picked up and sees through Sunny that Stephen helps him and he shows Linda. Linda gets mad at Sunny for not telling her. Later, Sunny/Stephen killed the sky and they got out.

When they got out, after a little talk with "Hor Bac" he escaped because of Stephen/Sunny. Then, Nancy appears and starts fighting with Sunny/Stephen, Sunny tells Linda and the others to go first. But unforunatley, Sunny fells into a hole with huge spider. Nancy enters the hole and fights the spider and they escape. Sunny finally wakes and sees teh spider, he holds up the sword and the spider faints. Sunny and Stephen find out that the hole has a tree and if anyone eats those red things, they will get strong, that's how the spider was strong. Sunny ate some and just before the spider dies, it uses spiderweb to wrap Sunny.

On the other hand, Linda, Benny and "Long Ai" have arrived at Dragon King's Palace. But Benny had done the wrong way to enter it. Now they are locked in a cage. Linda thinks she might die so she writes a letter to her dad but the Dragon King finds out and read the letter and thought Linda was faking it to show him. Later, Linda persuade him to believe, it's true though. And Dragon King in the end read the letter. But he gets a little mad that his daughter didn't ask for his help.

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