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Can't Buy Me Love Episode 13

Linda tells Raymond that she feels a bit ill. Raymond gives her a packet of medicine which will make her feel better. Then later Raymond realized that he accidentally swapped his medicine with his friend, which he actually gave Linda was some drugs.

As you can see, it's the seducing scene that we've seen in the promo clip. Raymond comes to Linda's room to see if she has drank it yet, and yes she did. They accidentally fall onto the bed and kiss by accident.

Linda then says her heart is thumping really fast and tells Raymond to feel it. Raymond couldn't take it anymore and takes a pillow (hard) and hits her head with it, she faints. It was sure a funny scene.

Linda comes into Raymond's room.

Linda forgets what happened but she said she dreamed that Raymond was hitting her.

Raymond is scared and turning red when he sees Linda and her lips.


Raymond's expressions are super funny here! ^^ Hehe

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