happy 3rd anniversary
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Guess Images + Creations
NOTE: I have deleted some affiliates that no longer exist, just in case, if you're an affie, check if ur link is still on or if you have moved and didn't notify me.

1st: felix wong
2nd: charmaine sheh and stephen au - witness II
3rd: leila tong and bobo - aqua heroes

NEXT~ GUESS PLZ! New: One word hint.

HINT: Wake

HINT: Police

HINT: Flame


And... I made two banners, actually three but one of them is made before.

Made "The Stew Of Life" and "Nancy Derek" ones not long. I personally like the Fala and Timmy one more. ;D

Made this Roger Kwok one a while ago. it was when i said, "i made something" but never showed it. i was gonna use it for a header coz i liked it a lot but then i didn't coz it was too small. lol.

If you would like to use any of the banners i have made, please credit under me! Thanks! ^^

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