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The Silver Chamber of Sorrows - Episode 18
Shirley's True identity
Shirley founds out her true identity is actually Paul Chun's daughter but Paul Chun doesn't think she is. Shirley then calls Jack out to talk too. She says to Jack that she can't talk to anyone else but him. Jack smiled. Shirley asked him why and he just said.

Jack: You once said I give you bad luck, I was just happy that you don't mind calling me out to talk to.
Shirley: That's not as worse as this.

Then, later, Shirley walks and sees Charmaine. Charmaine Li askes her to sit down, she does as she's told and they start talking. Charmain says she can call her 'Big Sister' when there's no one there. Shirley called her 'Big Sister' Then, Shirley had some tears, Charmaine wiped them and Paul Chun walks pass and sees it. And shouts at them.

My Comments: Another Shirley and Jack scene! Funny when Jack smiled...hehes. Charmaine Li is so nice, unlike her father, so mean. Feel sorry for Shirley.

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