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The Mysteries Of Love Review
Name: The Mysteries Of Love/談情說案
Episodes: 25
Genre: Modern, Police, Romance
Cast: Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu etc

My Comments:
Everyone has anticipated and had expectations for this. In the end, it was good. I enjoyed much watching Mysteries Of Love. I actually didn't expect how short the cases were. No wonder they said this series is more based on love. I'm glad that Bernice appeared once in a while, not really a guest role. :) Even though this was about love, I found both relationships had something weird but I can't really say what it is.... :/ Maybe its just me? But anyway, I overall enjoyed this. The ending was okay, it was expected.

Some cases were interesting, especially the last one, it was quite cliff hanging but I was surprised how last it was solved in the last episode, I thought it was going to go for half the ep, but it was around a quarter I believe. Hehe, two Raymonds fighting at the end. ^^ I remember there was this case, I think it was the second last one, where Savio Tsang killed Karen's boyfriend and her friend, that were creepy... he like... took their organs out... and left them in this tank to preserve them?!?! He's 變態!!

I'd love to compare this series with the Jap one but I never watched it haha. But I THINK the cases are different... I read summary of Jap one, it seemed different to me..
But then I don't get it... many Taiwanese dramas were just copying from japanese mangas and most copy 100% and TVB don't usually copy... it was only the idea and maybe relationships and characters, cases were different... maybe I'm not to say since I never watched the jap version....?! :/


Raymond Lam (King Pok/Kingsley) - Haven't seen Raymond in ages, I liked his character but there were times I felt it was weird... I dunno how to express.. but yea... his character was supposed to be cold or some sort I think? For some reason, it felt that he didn't really love Tavia that much to me. The part after their breakup, he did show care to Tavia but it just gave a feeling it was mere pity and he totally let it down afterwards... i guess its his character?

Tavia Yeung (Tsui Siu Lai/Sai Lei Mui - 犀利妹) - Mmm, of course I enjoyed watching Tavia. X) Felt sad for Tavia when Raymond had to broke up with her, she was SO hurt by him... She sure loved him a lot. In reality, I think those actions were a bit stupid, she even tried cutting herself and suicide because of him. And even thought about quitting being a police, luckily didn't. We can see she was VERY hurt esp in the end where she revealed she cut herself. I still think it was a bit stupid.. though there are these people in life.

Kenneth Ma - (Lo Tin Hang/Gordan/Lo Sir) - Well, I also enjoyed Kenneth, actually I like the whole cast so I enjoyed watching them all. There was one quote that Kenneth said that I can never forget for now. It was when Fungyi broke up and he said to Raymond, "I don't know if I underestimated her recovery from breakup or I overestimated your '殺傷力'" It was much more funny in chinese though. I thought Kenneth was going to shine a lot in this series too since he's playing a playboy and people have been saying that his character is best outta all. But it was okay, he didn't shine as much as I expected, that was all :D Fist better!

Bernice Liu (Ling Man Ka/Nickole) - What a weird eng name she has. I found it really weird when she suddenly loved Adrian so much and all those scenes with Adrian, dunno how to say but I just found it very weird...


Raymond Lam & Tavia Yeung (Kingsley & Tsui Siu Lai) - There were cute and romantic, I liked the scene where Raymond runs to Tavia and asks if they can go out, was cute and the part where they eat and kisses her forehead. But I guess it's Raymond's character is supposed to be like that? He just doesn't seem to love Tavia as much at times. So better the guy to love the girl more than the girl to love the guy since in this case it is.
At first when they broke up, I thought we'll get to see Raymond regretting ALOT breaking up with Tavia and all that kinda stuff but there wasn't much really... lol

Kenneth Ma & Bernice Liu (Gordan & Nickole) - There were many ups and downs with this relationship, I enjoyed watching them too. It was nice to see Kenneth getting angry when seeing Bernice with someone. There were some scenes of both of them getting jealous. But for Fungyi, there wasn't. If there was, perhaps it'd be more entertaining? Anyway, I really liked the scenes where Bernice gets mad again at Kenneth and how he saves it, I guess its coz of his sweet talks ^^ Their relationship would be sweeter since Raymond doesn't sweet talk much as Kenneth XD.

Actor: Both Ray and Kenneth ^^
Actress: Tavia Yeung
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Improved Character: -
Funny Character: -
Couple: FungYi~
Scenes: Last scenes, FungYi & KB ones.
My Rate to this series: 8/10

Worth Watching?
Yep! :)

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