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Series Review: The Silver Chamber of Sorrows

Name: The Silver Chamber of Sorrows
Episodes: 21
Cast: Nancy Sit, Paul Chung, Christine Ng, Ng Wai Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Jack Wu etc
A Rich Family is Ruled by Lust A Hymn is Mourned Over by Feuds Prestige Silver Chamber", the largest jewel company in Foshan, Guangdong Province China, is facing serious financial difficulties. In order to obtain a loan from SHUM's family, SHEUNG HANG (Chui Pui), owner of the Chamber, together with his primary wife, CHOI SIU-DIP (Sit Ka Yin), plot to arrange marriage between SHEUNG WAN (Ng Wai Kwok), HANG's younger brother, and SHUM WING-TUNG (Young Yuen Yee), daughter of SHUM's family. Fueled by hatred, CHING SAU-HANG (Ng Wing Mei), WAN's lover, marries HANG and ironically becomes WAN's sister-in-law. WAN falls out with HANG, and opts to live abroad and disconnects from his family. After leaving home for years, WAN does not return home until the occasion to celebrate his father's birthday. Tension between the two brothers comes to a head when HANG is reluctant to pay ransom to save the youngest son of WAN. WAN is determined to disconnect completely from his family ever since.Since WAN's return, SAU-HANG suffers from her husband's neglect and gets framed for causing the fourth concubine FEI FEI's (Wu Ting Yan) miscarriage. Hatred leads her to commit act that revenge. She seeks to subvert SHEUNG's family by luring KWAN. Intentionally, she unveils TSAU GUK(Yeung Sze Ki), the maid in the family, is HANG's illegitimate daughter. The dark age of a once-prominent family begins.

My Comments: This series is good I think, everyone did a good job but then there is too much people in this series, so even if you have a bigger supporting role, there isn't THAT much scenes of them. I like watching Shirley and Jack the most, that was nearly the only thing I like. But not exactly, I also like watching Christine's evilness, she did great I think, way better from TBBOL. I also think she and Ng Wai Kwok actually quite match too. Also Shirley and Jack too! They're so cute together but too bad, they don't have much scenes. If the series isn't that much family arugement, they could of made more scenes of them. Nearly every episode I'm waiting for their appearance. The beginning of this series may be not that good but up to episode 15, the series goes way more exciting! Also, I thought that Rebecca Chan's character was SOO annoying! But then when Matt dies, she turns all crazy, I actually felt sorry for her. And for Matt, he's really naughty and stuff but inside his heart, everyone can see that he's not actually bad, its actually because their parents keep letting him do anything.

Main Cast Thoughts:
Nancy Sit: Haven't seen her a while, she was okay I guess, but I really didn't like her the bit where CHristine is already sick and she takes her to some temple and also Charmaine's wedding to that ugly guy.

Paul Chun: He was so evil, but then fun to watch. Have you realized that there's a few of his series lately? Like Wasabi Mon Amour?

Ng Wai Kwok: His character was alright, I liked him and Christine.

Christine Ng: She was evil in the series too, while you watch in the middle. I like watching her evilness, but she's actually quite kind hearted.

Shirley: I love Shirley! I really like her paired with Jack too. They're so cute, I hope TVB lets them work together again and hopefully paired together! And hope it's not a family arugement, so less scenes of them. I liked Shirley's appearance in TSCOS.

Actress: Shirley or Christine
Actor: Jack?
Least Favourite Character: Paul Chun
Improved Character: Jack Wu
Couple: Shirley and Jack
Scenes: All Shirley and Jack, especially the fire bit
My Rate to this series: ****

Worth Watching?!
To me yes! It is kinda worth watching, especially starting from episode 15! If you haven't watched it, I recommend you too. But of coruse its your choice.

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