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MR Episode 13
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 13

It was Lee Huang Kum's birthday, they all went to her house and celebrated. They did all sorts of things. They swamed too. Moses didn't know how to swim, Kee Huang Kum was wearing a swimming costume out but didn't go into the water but tricked Moses to.

Moses heard his last boss screaming over the phone at Tavia while she was trying to find something. While Tavia was finding something, he recorded the part where she scold at Tavia over the phone.

After work, Tavia was pulled to a restaurant with Moses. Then Moses actually called his last boss to come eat too. She came and they ordered food. Suddenly, there was a phone call from somone from Moses phone. It was very loud and everyone was staring at them. The ringtone was actually that boss scolding at Tavia. She got mad. Moses said, "Do you like it? I can send it to you" Just then, a waiter came and told Moses to put it on silent since it was killing their ears. Moses then quickly said, "What? You sai it killing your ears? Its *pointing at his last boss* her voice!" His last boss got even mad and said Tavia won't come back to work the next day, then he said, " Oh thats even good, I was about to tell Tavia to give you the letter" Then they left. She sat down very mad and then Moses went back and showed the ringtone again in her ear, she got very mad.

Moses got the chance to advertise Ha Yu's bakery. Michelle Yim told Moses last boss the idea and they copied them and stole all the brides they needed. But luckily, they overcomed it and got other people and brides to help them out with also Tracy's sister, which was a star.

My Comments: OMG! The Moses and Tavia plus that boss part was SO funny! That laughed my head off when I watched that scene! If you haven't watched it, better watch it soon! Very funny!!!

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