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MR Episode 19 & 20
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 19 & 20

Michelle planned to go with Ha Yu to 36 countries for 2 years. Ha Yu doesn't really want to, he goes over to Louise's house to see his children. They get sad and Ha Yu asks them to tell him if they hae him. They finally said yes they do, like Moses, he said, "I can never ever forget this in my life, when you took me hom from court, you said to me, Ah Kar, go to your room and sleep, I and your mum will go sleep too. She is NOT my mother!"

Then Michelle rings up Ha Yu, but they all went to sleep already. Lousie picks the phone for him and says, "Can you please leave them longer!" And then she hanges up, Michelle gets angry and throws her phone. The next day, they all said they forgive Ha Yu.

Next Episode, Ha Yu and Michelle really goes on holidays. And also, on the last episode, Lee Huang Kum trips over the stairs and is in the hospital now. Lee Huang Kum is on the verge of dieing, "Kong" and his mother knows Michelle's other number to get her. Tavia heard about the other number accidentally and told Lousie. Lousie asked for the number but they wouldn't give in the end.

Lee Huang nearly dies but Louise shouts at her and luckily she didn't die. On the other hand, Raymond also gave a cake to Linda to confess. But everytime, she's about to open the cake up, Bosco is there to stop her, not on purpose though. Linda and Bosco spent a night together under rain.

My Comments: Wow, can you believe it? In episode 19, Sa didn't appear, and in episode 20, she was quite funny, Lee Huang Kum, on the verge of dieing, she said some numbers and Sa suspected it as the Lottery! LOL! And it was actually the phone number when Louise and Ha Yu haven't yet divorced. And also, I've realized that Michelle ALWAYS throws her phone! LOLS

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