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7 Days Of Life Review
Name: 7 Days of Life/ 隔離七日情
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern
Cast: Steven Ma, Sonija Kwok, Bosco Wong, Joyce Cheng, Yuen Wah, Mimi Lo, Patrick Tang, Koni Lui etc

My Comments:
The drama is quite interesting I recon. I didn't watch ALL the episodes but most of it. I enjoyed most of it. But I still don't EXACTLY get why Steven did all those stuff, though he DID say it was to make Sonija fully give up on him because he has brain tumor. But really... when I was watching it, having an illness causing him to do that came into my mind but then the things he did later on made me think, 'maybe i'm wrong?! what IS he after?!' lool... coz one second it really DID look like he likes Koni. But I guess its all to get Sonija to give up.
Anyway, the little stories of each characters were all quite interesting to watch. I enjoyed Steven & Sonija's and of course the kidnapping case too :) Yeah the main stories! When they first showed us the mainland police where she stole the phone, I started thinking... 'how mysterious are these people o.o' then realized she was a cop. I SWEAR I didn't know she ended up with Bosco in the end! lool.

Steven Ma (Calvin Yik Cho-On) - I really enjoyed watching Steven, his character is interesting. He doesn't play much of these characters I guess?! And I was wondering what his REAL character name is since Bosco said Yik Cho On isn't his real name. It was sad he died in the end but I guess that ending is more suitable for a thief.

Sonija Kwok (Christy Wang Ka-Yu) - Sonija looks quite pretty in her curls. Her character was alright, she and Steven are cute at the end how Steven said shes the one he loves most.

Bosco Wong (Chiu Chin-Lung) - I also enjoyed watching Bosco. I didn't like seeing him with Sonija much, that looked too much like siblings... I liked how he and Joyce was looking for evidence and everything, I thought they were paired up at first but then I was wrong. lol. So sad he didn't give up being a police.

Joyce Cheng (Tong Ching) - Her character was funny to watch. Felt sad for her when everyone thought she was making news up. At first I thought would she be the daughter of Yuen Wah but guess not. Kinda prefered her and Bosco more than Bosco with the mainland cop.

Yuen Wah (Ho Chan) - I thought his character was mysterious. I was wondering if he'd be some undercover cop, half correct. WAS a cop but no longer because of a crime he committed. His character was interesting. Though I thought the ending of his story was rushed how Katy and her mother accepted him so easily. But I guess they didn't have much time to talk about it.

Patrick Tang (Tai Siu Nam) - He's the funniest character!! He was SO funny in the beginning especially. Caring for the kid SO much even though he kidnapped him. It was also SO funny when he couldn't handle the kid and he was pretending to be on the tv reporting news and the piece of news he said was like FUNNY! XD Oh and I love the part where the hotel's boss gets into the hotel and all employees say "thank you" to him why he says "sorry" that was funny ^^

Actor: Steven Ma
Actress: Sonija Kwok
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: Patrick Tang!
Improved Character: No Idea
Couple: Steven & Sonija
Scenes: ... None in particular.. prob Patrick funny moments. XD
My rate to this series: 7.5/10

Worth Watching?
Well I think its quite interesting, but I know many think its boring like a friend of mine, so I dunno if you'd like it... give it a go if you're bored, I think you'll at least like the first few eps! XD

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