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MR Episode 23 & 24
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 23 & 24
Kate wants to buy handbags but they're too expensive and the shop keeper there thinks shes too poor to buy and she is right too. Then she rings Moses to come help her. Moses comes and pretends to be mandorin and says he wants all of the bags for his girlfriend. Then later he only wants one and he starts talking in cantonese again to Kate.

Then they get back to the restaurant they were with Kate. Moses said he'll get Kate to help him with his PR Company. Tavia isn't very happy.

Sussanna and Louis Yuen wants to get married but they don't have enough money. Then Ha Yu also gives money to Lousie's dad to keep if sometime Raymond or anyone needs it. But when Michelle knew, she went to tell Sussanna and then Sa tries to get the money.

Later Michelle sees Louise in a restaurant in the toliets, she comes in and talks a little and slaps her.
Fala and Dexter then gets married. Raymond helps Fala translate the hand geatures, saying that she likes Louise's translation, so then Lousie helped Fala translate the swearing thing for marriage. Before the marriage, Sa was making headaches for everyone again! Lee Huang Kum then says, i'll give you a "big" gift after the marriage. So then after the marriage, Lee Huang Kum gives Sa an envolope and insides says "Sum Chung Fu Yao" meaning, inside your heart, there are heaps of money.

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