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The Four - Episode 3 - 5 SK Review
After finding the real muderer, they all leave King's brother's palace since the bridge is finally fixed. Selena suddenly attempts to attack Kenneth with her whip. And of coruse she is unsuccessful again.

Later, Kenneth have followed Dominic and Raymond. They all try to find the 4 paintings, so ask the Blue Sky Clan. When Selena meets Kenneth once again, she was happy because she has more chances to challenge Kenneth.

In episode four, Kate has appeared, she is a female doctor trying to cure one of the person that has one of the four paintings. Every is aiming for him. That person is very sick and wants to see his daughter but his daughter has already gone because he hasn't cared for her when she was little. Kenneth sees a toy drum and try finds his daughter. He finds her and his daughter says because of her father, her mother died, she didn't want to see him. Selena then pops of of nowhere and started to say, how she at least had memories with her mother while Selena had none.

His daughter runs into her house and starts thinking. Kenneth sees her son. Selena once again pops of of no where and Kenneth says:

Kenneth: You again?
Selena: You left something behind. (the drum)

They finally for her to agree and see her father. Selena and Kenneth smiles.

With Raymond, the smart one, they have already got all 4 paintings and started to search for the treasure. They followed the instructions and found a big sword. Selena snatches it away from Sammul and unforunatley, Joel Chan appears and snatches it away and Selena went flying and Kenneth saves her in time. They fall onto each other.

Selena goes to Kenneth and says sorry...

Selena knees down at Kenneth.

Kenneth: Stand up first
Selena: Sorry
Kenneth: I’m not mad at you; you don’t have to say sorry
Selena: Ok, then I won’t say sorry, but I want to be your disciple
Kenneth: What?
Selena: I give up. Every time I fight against you, it turn that you have to save me. So, I hope you can be my teacher and teach me kung fu. And plus, Dad’s kung fu, there must be one day, I can finally beat you.

Starts nagging

Kenneth: I can’t be your teacher, stand up first.
Selena: No, you teach me kung fu...
Kenneth: Miss Nam, I really can’t be your teacher
Selena: Teach me Kung fu…
Kenneth: I can’t.

Raymond comes…

My Comments: Love Selena and Kenneth's momments. xD More will be coming soon! ^^

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