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The Four - Episode 14 SK Review
The next day, Selena has to fight that guy, she wons and later, when Ling Lok Sek fights another clan's boss, he killed him. Everyone clan's boss got scared and surrendered. Now, Selena is left to fight him.

Kenneth tries to tell Selena to not fight because she cannot fight over Ling Lok Sek.
Kenneth: I don’t want him to be the Clan leader too, but I even don’t want anything to happen to you! Yuk Fei, (says a Chinese phrase) Listen to me!
Selena: You don’t need to say anymore, I have decided to fight against Ling Lok Sek tomorrow. No one can stop me.

The nexy day, Selena is supose to fight but her hand is injured. Wong Fei helps Selena to make them fight after 3 days. Kenneth, Selena and Sammul tries to work out who attacked Selena last night till her hand injured. Sammul then closes his eyes and moves close to Selena and smells her.
Kenneth: I’m asking you if you want to die! What are you doing?
Sammul: I just wanted to smell real Yuk Fei
Kenneth: You’re not learning your lesson!
Sammul: No, you got it wrong! I smelt that on Yuk Fei, there’s another woman’s smell.
Selena: You’re saying the person that attacked me was a woman?
Sammul nods
Kenneth: Don’t listen to him; I say he wants to take advantage of you!
Selena walks up to Sammul and holds onto his clothes saying…
Selena: You dare to?!
They soon figured out that it was Wong Fei's doing, she attacked Selena so her hand gets injured and the day of the fighting can postpone.
On that day, Selena has to fight him, Keneth tries to fight for her but unsuccessful, luckily Selena's father came back in time to fight. But because of Kate, Selena's father gets poisoned and dies in the middle of the fight. Before he dies, he tells Kenneth to take care of Selena for him.

Selena wants to be the Blue Sky Clan's boss, but instead she gets kicked out of Blue Sky Clan. All the Blue Sky Clan brothers betrayed Selena, except for two.

Selena is so sad and tried to suicide, but got stopped. She tried to kill Ling Lok Sek but she once again gets betrayed again, by one of the brothers, now theres only one left and she is now in Ling Lok Sek's jail because she tried to kill him.

Kenneth comes to save Selena. Joel tells him he can't because he belongs to the group from the king. Kenneth tells him he already has left it to save Selena. Soon, Ron, Raymond and Sammul comes and helps.
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