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SOS ep 6
The Speech of Silence - Ep 6
Kenneth goes to chose girls for the his noddle company. Chris Lai joins in and sees Elaine Yiu. He remembers that he has seen her before. Other people have thought Chris Lai was Mr Cheung, the boss of the company. So Elaine thought Chris was a wealthy man, she wanted to go out with him. She performed well singing the themesong of LG but too bad she tripped over and accidentally hit Chris Lai's eye with the microphone.

Kate helps his brother give a disc to director, she goes there with Clarie Yiu. Kate got chosen from this wealthy guy. Kate gets drunk a little and nearly had to go to the rooms with that wealthy guy. But Kenneth saved her and thought Ckarie Yiu was doing this. Kate explained that it was for his brother so she went. Later when Kenneth was on the phone, Kate sees his keyring is the same as hers. Elaine had said if a couple has the same one and lights up, it means they are meant to be together. Then Kate sneezes and Kenneth gives his jacket to Kate.

Kate starts to develop feelings for Kenneth. She was playing with her dolls, one is an angel, talking about eht positive side. Another a devil, talking about the negative side.

Kenneth thinks the keyrings is annoying and takes it off. Kate starts to like Kenneth. There the episode ends.

My Comments: Lots of KK scenes in this series, well towards the end it was. I liked the Chris and Elaine scene, so funny. I rather Elaine singing the themesong, it sounds better. Don't really like Joyce Cheng's voice.

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