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E.U Episode 3 Review
Elanne doesn't know that Ron is a police. She thinks that he is one of those bad guys. There were customs checking out, coz Elanne sells fake computer stuff. She can't carry both bags and stuffs one bag to tell Ron to run away.

Ron didn't run and gave the bag to the customs. Elanne saw and was mad. Elanne was kinda strangling him and Ron said he was a police. And Elanna bite him.

Ron is on a misson. Elanne walks pass seeing him selling fake CD's, but of course that wasn't what he was really doing. Elanne comes over and makes him give money to her because he gave her bag to the customs.

Elanne made Ron's misson unsucessful and took his fake CD's. When Ron asked for it back, she said she sold them. Ron was so mad he wanted to punch her.

Ron was at Elanne's house when she wasn't there talking to someone for information. Then Elanne and Kathy went into the house, he was hiding and heard their conversation about Elanne is Michael Miu's daughter.

Comments: Note that above screencaptures are not mine, computer too slow to load video so I got caps from Baidu. Next ep will be up soon.

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