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Legend of Demigods - Episode 11 - 15 Review
Linda goes back to talk to Dragon King. He gets hurt accidentally with a ball, Thrid Princess comes back to see her father.
Benny has been cursed by the grand wizard, they had to use the pearl from the Dragon King and the water to help Benny recover. Sunny also got out of the spiderweb and became more powerful. They went to the water and gives the pearl to Beny in his mouth. The water comes out from different holes, Sunny and Linda uses rocks to cover other holes.

Sunny is all tired practising, Linda comes by and asks Stephen to give him rest, he says no and trains Linda but in Sunny' body. Linda accidentally trips or something, Stephen in Sunny saves Linda and touches her face accidentally and gets close. Also, later Stephen leaves Sunny.

On the other hand, Charmaine Li was about to get married with "Long Ai" She dies at the wedding, she actually was suppose to be dead but Thrid Princess helped her life longer a bit so she can get married with Long Ai.

Linda's mother, has a twin and she came, she helps Linda's father turn back to a human but unforunatley, somehow it only worked half? The upper body was human but the downer part is like a pig.

Linda's mother twin and her, tries to help Charmaine Li get back a life, they ask the devil (?) if they can look at the Life and Death Book (?) and it says that Charmaine's life is already over. But they still got her back a life. The Thrid Princess got into Charmaine's body and pretends to be her.

Also, Nancy was on her way getting people's spirts for a weapon, Stephen saves that person, which is "Du Sam" And Nancy takes Stephen to the Grand Wizard. And then the grand wizard tells him that Nancy is actually Stephen's wife. But Setphen forgets everything because the grand wizard used him for the weapon.

The weapon has spirts that come out. They all use some weird magic and made the whole town obey the grand wizard. Sunny and Benny comes back to town and finds out what happens. They fight them and then starts fighting Stephen but they can't fight over him of coruse. And also, Stephen burns Benny's hand.

Benny's hand is all burned, grand wizard's enemies helps Benny get another hand, but the hand is darkness, Benny has to pass to use the hand and it is very powerful.

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