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Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Ep 17

Gam Ling is putting her make up on, she puts on light make up, trying to pretend to be sick so the emperor would come see her.

Gam Ling pretends to be nice to Bo Yin. She makes her something and shows it off in front of the Empress (Mary Hon) to show that she respects and is nice to her Jeh Jeh (BoYin, Selena)

Bo Yin comes to Gam Ling's place and says all these nasty stuff. Gam Ling slaps her.

Bo Yin tries to slao back but ends up getting another slap from Gam Ling.

Bo Yin tells her mother about this and they report this to the emperor and Empress. Tavia knnes down and cries saying she's sorry that she shouldn't of slapped Bo Yin. But she says that Bo Yin slapped her first, with Yoyo as a witness.

Ep 18 to come...

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