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MR Episode 16
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 16
It was Lousie's birthday and they made a birthday party for her. All Lousie's children were pretending to be family members. Except for Chris I think. Moses was pretending to be Lousie, Tavia as Moses, Vincent as Tavia, Ha Yu as Fala, Fala as Vincent. And Raymond comes out last from the stage and pretends to be Sa. He says, "They all call me 'Lo Po' they say I get everything" something like that. Sa then goes to the stage and talks about the past how Lousie saved her when she was small. They get touched and hugs.

Bosco finally appears in episode 16. There was a pregeant woman that loked like she'll have to give birth. Linda was about to help her but Bosco comes and hels out since he's a also a doctor, an experienced one too.
Raymond, Fala and Tavia goes over to eat dinner, Michelle talks all these nasty things hurting Tavia, but it was true but Tavia didn't mean a bad way.

Lousie got mad and came over to Michelle and talked to her. They practically had a fight. Lousoe said, "Fine, you want my children to help 'Ka Hao Yuet Yoon' right? Sure, I'll call all my children now and call them to sign the form and then I'll tell them to give all 'Gou Fan' to me and I'll be in charge of this."

My Comments: I feel so sorry for Tavia, she was hurt badily, if it was me, I would of cried out already...meanie and finally...Bosco appeared, now waiting for Kate.

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