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MR Episode 2 & 3
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 2 & 3This is supposed to be in episode 1 for the one i watched but its not in hk. Well, here Tavia, raymond and Fala was talking about Sussanna Kwan with hand geatures. She didn't know what they were talking about and got pissed and thought they were bitching about her. She thought he dad told them everything about her husband having a thrid party and they got divorced. They actually don't know it before but she blured it out herself.

Later, Ha Yu was going up to their house to talk about changing Lousie's bakery name, then they can eat altogether at Moon Festival. Sa went into the toliet and got locked in. They could of opened it back up with a 5c coin but Lousie stopped them, just in case she'll be all noisy when Ha Yu comes up. Later, when ha Yu came up, Raymond got pissed so he opened up the door for Sa and said, 'Aunt Sa, We watch you' She replies, 'Don't need you to say!' She takes a mop and runs out and starts to hit Ha Yu with a mop.

Lousie changed her bakery's name but unforunatley, Michelle Yim decides to not let them eat together. Lousie talks to Michelle over the phone. Michelle didn't want to let them eat together because of Wayne Lai. Lousie solved the problem over the phone.

They can finally eat altogether. Linda also went there, even though she was the daughter of Michelle. Michelle rang up Linda and heard the noises of Raymond saying Lousie's name. She told her mum in law about it and she got angry and rushed to where they were eating. Lee Hang Kum wanted her grandsons. Then she started about that Lousie made her son die. Then Wayne Lai shouted out the truth that it wasn't Lousie's fault. After hearing to Wayne's speech, the grandsons decided to stay.
My Comments: I liked the two scenes up there, they were so funny! And also, on my last post, I said on Ha Yu's side, the children are Moses, Chris and Bosco, it's actually not Bosco but Vincent.

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