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MR Episode 11
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 11Everyone pretends to be Lee Huang Kum or Michelle, Moses pretends as them and makes everyone laughs. Later, maybe Lousie laughed too much, suddenly her hip hurts alot and she has to stay in hospital and do operation. Sa meets Lee Huang Kum, shouts at her and tell her what she should do. Lee Huang Kum soon agrees coz she thinks Sa was right, and this time she IS right.

Sa says that Vincent can't read chinese OR english. He gets sad and is alone in the basketball court. Everyone else finds hm and cheers him up. They say they are a band, Tavia is "Lo Lou" Raymond is Biscuit Boy, Fala is Mute Girl and Moses is "Gai Kou" Soon, Sa tells Lee Huang Kum that Vincent is in Hong Kong.

She gets mad and comes over and gets Vincent back. Wayne knows everything, he gets mad and tells everyone that it was Sa. Even Sa's dad gets something to hit her with.

My Comments: This time my episode review is really short and brief. This episode was okay, not very interesting.

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