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The Silver Chamber of Sorrows - Episode 3
Shirley and Jack Thoughts
I love this episode, Shirley and Jack are so funny, can't wait to see more episodes of them and finally a episode of more scenes of Shirley and finally the episode that Jack appears.

This scene is the first scene of Shirley and Jack in 'The Silver Chamber fo Sorrows' First Shirley wants to help Christine Ng buy one of those when you touch them, you'll easily can give birth. When Shirley bought it, she was happy adn Jack saw it and though that lady was trying to trick Shirley that it's gold. Then Jack told Shirley about it and broke it. Shirley was really angry with Jack and asked him for money to repay the thing. Jack said he didn't have enough money on hand, so Shirley went with him to his dad to get money.

When Jack went to where his Dad works, Shirley found out that Jack is actually a childhood friend of hers and she also really hates him too because Shirley beileves that Jack always gives her bad luck. When Shirley foudn out, she just went off because she thought that since he's one of those that her boss uses, he won't give money back or something. Then later, Shirley was complaining about it with another maid. Then Jack came to her and gave back the money. Shirley was so happy and said:

Shirley: Could it be turning to good luck?

Then Shirley was very happy and she then accidentally ran into someone and broke her jewellery. She was so sorry and she had to give money back. Then Shirley was even mad at Jack.

Later all the maids were talking and Shirley said that Matt Yeung, teh son of her boss, is very stupid and stuff like that. Matt Yeung went pass and heard it and decides to play tricks on her. While Shirley was doing some work at the toliet, Matt Yeung threw a frog into there and Shirley acrually wasn't scared of it, she pretended to scream so that Matt Yeung think he has played a trick on her so he'll stop. But unforuntley, Jack heard Shirley scream and thought Matt Yeung was peeking at someone having a shower, then Shirley came out and said he didn't and also said the frog was cutem when people were staring at it. Matt Yeung gto angey and ran off.

Then later, Shirley was 'Hit Small Person' at Jack. Then Jack saw Shirley and went towards her and found out that Shirley was hitting him. He ased her why and Shirley told him he gave her bad lucks all the time. Shirely also said, never come near her anymore and stay away her at least 10m. And also said, about last time the frog, Matt Yeung was only trying to trick her so then after once of tricking, he'll stop but since Jack wrecked it, Shirley will be played on Matt again. So Shirley told him next time he sees her played by Matt, ignore it. So then Jack listened and gave the piece of paper back and said, 'If you really think hitting me like that will make you happier, go ahead.'

After that, Matt Yeung told another maid to trick Shirley to find a dog, she crowched down and Matt covered Shirley with a big bowl. Shirley got stuck and then Matt Yeung appeared and threw lots of frogs inside the whole of the bowl. This time Shirley ws really scared, after Matt leaved, Jack walked past and Shirley asked him to save her. The Jack remembered that Shirley said don't save her if Matt plays her again, so then Jack Wu walked off.

My Comments: HAHA, don't you think this is funny? I love this episode, lots of funny scenes, Jack is really dumb and stupid but I really like his stupidity! That will make the story interesting! I heard Charmaine will make it a triangle love soon and maybe Matt will make it a love square too! I eally hope it's gonna be a love square, that'll be even more interesting to watch! Can't wait to watch more episodes, hopefully there'll be more scenes of them like this episode, I can kinda tell there won't be much episode of them, too much other cast to talk about. Too much oddies, don't like watching the oddies, only like Shirely, Jack, Charmaine Li and Matt Yeung, they're fun to watch!

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