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The Four - Episode 15 SK Review
Ok, I should mention this:
To Cindy: Your tagboard keeps saying Posting Failed when I try to post something, I know you've asked me about exchanging links before, I tried replying you but it won't work, I have added you already if you have noticed.
There were no more choices left to save Selena, so they suggested to leave it to the official to decide what they will do to Selena for trying to attack Ling Lok Sek. Selena ends up in jail and gets hit by 80 times.

Kenneth comes to see Selena and...
Selena: Now, it’s only me left…
Kenneth: You’re not the only one left, you still have me. Whatever happens, I will be by your side. Taking care of you, I won’t let anything happen to you.
Then they hug.

I recon this scene is a bit hilarous and funny so I decided to post it too. They are all tired and Sammul sees a leaf and starts blowing it, then it blows to Kenneth, Kenneth blows to Raymond, Raymond to Ron and they thought "Cold-Blooded" Ron will ignore but he ended up blowing it too.

Selena gets kinda sick and she says she doesn't want to get part of the "Gong Wu" anymore.

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