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E.U Episode 4 & 5 Review
Michael Miu wants his daughter to forgive him so he decides to help Ron.

Michael finds out where the producing drugs place is, is was the opposite buliding to Elanne's house. So he goes up there and set up cameras. When he was ordering food, Elanne comes in and snatches the phone and orders what she wants.

When they were eating their lunch, Ron wanted to tell Elanne to forgive her dad. But Elanne said, "Why am I sitting next to a grandpa?" In Elanne's room, from the window, she saw her father. She went to the opposite buliding. She saw Michael but he had no reaction because there was someone else. Soon, he explained to Elanne and told her to quickly get back or else she will be in danger.

Michael called Ron and told him to protect Elanne. Elanne MADE Ron tell her what's happening. She wanted to go save her father but she couldn't. Ron called other polices to come.

He went over to the other buliding with his gun. Laughing Gor's gun was on his head, Michael saved Ron by punching him. Then police came so they quickly ran away. Laughing Gor got away but Tin Gor got caught.

Ron and Pak Kiu are happy that they caught Tin Gor. And in the end, they showed a shot of how Michael was talking to the driver of Tin Gor. He was Michael's people. Michael's whole reason for this is for revenge, not just helping Ron.


Comments: Getting interesting here! Cant wait for next episode! XD

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