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Speech of Silence - Ep1
Speech of Silence - Episode 1

Their Encounter! Kate was going to a computer shop with her brother, Stephen Wong. Kenneth was beside her, she didn't notice, when he left, Stephen Wong said he might've videoed you under your skirt and then deciding to put it on the internet. Kate got a little scared and went. On the way, she saw Kenneth again. She followed him, he went to a crowd and was going to take something out. Kate quickly kicked it. Kenneth was shocked why she kicked it. Then they were arguing and Kenneth was actually recording the sounds of crowds. Then Kenneth got caught, he was not allowed to record things in the shopping centre.

Later, Kate and Kenneth meets again. Kate pushes the door and acidentally hits Kenneth. Then in a room, Kenneth and her aunt was dealing with his bruise that Kate made. Then they started to argue again...Later, Clarie was going to be the voice for an AD, but then something happened. Then they were ordering lunch and asked Kate to order it from her dad's shop. She remembered it very clearly and there was so many people and the things they wanted are very picky too. She managed to call the orders. They decided to give Kate a try for the AD. The first time, Kate failed, but the second time, she got it! But remember, Kate is deaf, she took off her ear phone to do it and forgot it somewhere.

She went back to find it and also, Kenneth was in there. Something nearly fell on Kate. She didn't know, czo she couldn't hear Kenneth call her. Kenneth thought she was ignoring her and when Kenneth was saving Kate from teh things getting on her, He accidentally stepped onto Kate's ear phone.

Kenneth: Didn't you hear me call you? Are you deaf or what?

Kate: Yes! You're right! I am deaf!

Kenneth was shocked by that and there the episode ends.

My Comments: This episode is alright, I love watching bits where Kate and Kenneth arguing! I also love that scene above. Btw, sorry, the screencaps are quite blury, and I don't know what's with that thing on the corner. Can't wait for the next episode. I will keep doing screencaps. But sometimes maybe I can't coz of my slow internet computer...

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