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Can't Buy Me Love Episode 1 - 2

Charmaine comes out from the palace without permission with Fala and starts an argument with Moses.

Moses' family gets into financial problems, at first it was Raymond going to marry the princess but Moses decided to go instead. And then found out Charmaine was the princess he is going to marry. They hate each other and as you can see above, Charmaine told Fala to beat him and and Moses throws something at Charmaine to cause her hairstyle wrecked.

Moses is to see Susan Tse which is... not sure who is she? Kara asks Fala to tell everyone that Charmaine and Moses are fake relationship since Charmaine is marrying Moses because she doesn't want to marry to some other land. And as you can see, Susan made Moses to shows his skills by painting but in the end he paints something random and gets discovered he doesn't know anything. Then Fala comes.

I guess Fala agreed to tell the truth but.... She said their meeting a few days ago and fell in love was fake but she then reversed it and said they REAL first meeting was half a year ago and then they started making up a random story. And you can see Edwin on the picture, after hearing their random story, he gets so touched hahaha XDD

The day of their marriage, Fala finds out that Kara got someone to check them out to see if they are real. They pretend and since theres stuff covering them, Charmaine threatens Moses. She pinches, bites and kicks him.

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