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Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Ep 2 - 3
Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Episode 2

Warning: May contain Spoilers for those who haven't watched.

In ep 2 they are still talking about when they're small and the pic above plays Moses Chan. Moses hits his head and he has to act 'stupid' in order to survive since Susan wants to get rid of him. She then sends him to some place separating with his mother Mary Hon.

Then they talk about 17years later. Moses is still acting 'stupid' in order to survive. Later, he gets to go back to the palace to see his mother since she is sick.

Mary Hon loses a hair accessory given from Susan, Charmaine finds it and helps Mary Hon out. Both Charmaine and Tavia nearly gets into trouble by Susan

Moses has a little turtle and Tracy Ip which is the current king's (Edwin Siu) wife chucks the turtle and it dies because it bit her.

Charmaine and Moses official met.

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