happy 3rd anniversary
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Sorry, haven't been blogging lately. I haven't been watching Comeback Clan or Every Move You Make. And then I was starting to lose interest and everything... oh wells. Yeah, so i skipped those two series. I watched a bit of both though.

Anyway, here's some graphics I made, random ones... :)

01. justina and gleen

02. gleen and gabe
very simple, not text. i couldn't think of anything so yea... still looks alright i guess ^^

03. no regrets - fala
for some reason, fala looks sick in this photo... lool. but i like this one ^^ no text again. actually... i was gonna add text but my photoshop was stuffing so i quickly saved it before it could stuff again... so phew... XD

04. linda chung
like these pics of linda so made a banner. this one is okay la~ XD

So which banner do you like most? I realized i haven't been making graphics in ages, any suggestions on my next header?
here's a poll i made, type your suggestion in? plz ty XD

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