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The Mysteries Of Love Episode 25
Warning: May contain spoilers (if you haven't watched)

Raymond gets in a coma, and Tavia helps him. Raymond asks Tavia out and asks if they can be together again. She rejects him.

Raymond hasn't given up. He follows Tavia around which was very annoying to Tavia. So she flew to Australia! :) And Raymond followed. Tavia told him to stop and how hurt she was back then when he said to break up that she wanted to die. Raymond said when he heard that he felt very sorry and his heart ached...Tavia still rejected him.

Raymond gets an award and starts talking when receiving the award. He tells the audience that he regrets his actions. He wants to make a time machine to go back in time to change the past. And says he will love Tavia for 70 million years...

Raymond gets encouraged by everyone to see Tavia and try get her to forgive him. She eventually does. :)

Ta-da~ Happily Ever After! ^^

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