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The Four - Episode 19 - 20 SK Review
The emperor has decided to kill Kenneth. Selena is shocked after hearing the news.

Kenneth asks Selena to look after his family. Selena says she will not but will at the moment and wait for him to come out.

Time to kill Kenneth. Selena fights over the guards to get close to Kenneth...

Selena: Tie Sau, I won’t let you die, you can’t die! You promised my father you will take care of me! You have to take care of me for my whole life! Can you hear me? You can’t die! Can you hear me?

They grab Selena away…

Selena: Noo… Tie Sau!
Kenneth: Don’t hurt her!
Selena: Tie Sau!
Kenneth: Don’t hurt her

Selena gets taken away from Kenneth.

Sammul arrive in time and saves Kenneth with evidence proving he didn't kill people.

They hug.

Kenneth: Did you know that, just then when you forced into the ground to me, you can get killed too?
Selena: I didn’t think so much
Kenneth: Oh yea, I remember now, just then at the ground, you said, if you lose me, you don’t know what to do right?
Selena: Really? I said something like that?
Kenneth: And you also said…
Selena: NO! I didn’t tell you to take care of me forever. You must of got hit real hard to think that. So, you heard wrong, yea you heard wrong.
Kenneth: I heard wrong? Then don’t worry. I won’t bother, I wont take care of you forever.
Selena: Hey! I said you don’t need to, but you promised my father you will take care of me forever!
Kenneth: Then do you want me to take care of you forever? I heard from Sammul that whatever girls are saying, that’s not what they’re really thinking inside. But anyway, even if you want to or not, I will take care of you forever.

Selena smiles and leans onto Kenneth and pushes him twice

Selena: Since when did you copy Sammul?
Kenneth: Copy him what?

Everyone then comes, Selena gets embarrassed.

My Comments: AWW!! They're so cute!! ><

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