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Fly With Me Review
Name: Fly With Me/飛女正傳
Episodes: 25
Genre: Modern, Supernatural
Cast: Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Raymond Cho, Kenny Wong etc

My Comments:
Firstly I want to say this series is... very.. "超無聊" and ... "誇張" and also "九唔Dap八" For those who don't understand, "Very Stupid" and "Very exaggerating" and "not on track? lol dunno how to translate"
Anyway, in the beginning it was a bit more interesting but it went totally boring, i think this series is suitable for 20 episodes more, 25 is just too much and wasting time. And cast isn't appealing too. It was overall stupid.. == I don't mind the idea about "super woman" but they did it in a weird and wrong way. Aren't super mans supposed to help the world and stuff? While Janet Bin does weird stuff... and then all that "人格分裂" (How Ada and Janet Bin turns into TWO people) was totally stupid. And especially with the relationships, there were very draggy. And if this series is supposed to be genre-ed 'comedy' then i say it totally failed...EPIC fail...
Oh and I nearly forgot to mention, the themevideo part, not like it was really a themevideo but anyway, they say something about Ada turns into Janet Bin and keeps world peace and all that, I'm like.. "Since WHEN??" I'm glad I never anticipated it, or else bigger disappointment.. And seriously... what's WITH Moses hairstyle?? It's white... and so fake.. O.O And old.. I think the storyline was totally 九唔Dap八, I don't even know how to say it, but it just is.

Ada Choi (Leung Hau Chi/Yvonne/Janet Bin) - Don't have anything against the characters just that the storyline was so stuffed up... O.O

Moses Chan (Kan Ming Hin/Wallace) - Yeah...his WHITE hair.. =.=" It was a bit funny when he turned into Golden Billy though.

Raymond Cho (Tsui Wing Fai/Frankie) - I actually enjoyed watching him the most. He was a tad more interesting with the plotting revenge and stuff. He loves Yvonne ALOT.. since school... He should stop loving her already.. ==

Kenny Wong (Yeung Ho Yin/Edmond) - I realized that in this series, every main character has a english name and that EVERYONE calls them by that name too haha XD I don have much to say about each character really... so u see its very short.

Ada & Moses - I think the end was just weird for them. I mean, Yvonne has stopped liking Wallace and suddenly you see them deeply in love with each other O.o What the hell. I just DON'T get how Moses suddenly love Ada in there... weird..

Ada & Raymond - Poor Raymond. He loves Yvonne so much but Yvonne never loved him at all, she liked both other guys in the series BUT Raymond.

Ada & Kenny - Hmm.. I think it's a bit overboard how he went out with her JUST to find data about Janet Bin and wanting to kill her or something. TOO overboard, thats another thing I forgot to mention in comments.

Actor: -
Actress: -
Least Favorite Character: -
Improved Character: -
Funny Character: -
Couple: -
Scenes: -
My Rate to this series: 3.5/10

Worth Watching?
NO. D都唔好TAI. 唔想多讲啦...

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