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A Fistful Of Stances Review
Name: A Fistful Of Stances/鐵馬尋橋
Episodes: 25
Genre: Pre-modern, Family, Kung-Fu
Cast: Yuen Chao, Kevin Cheng, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Dominic Lam, Kara Hui, Natalie Tong, Shirley Yeung, Jacky Heung, Nancy Wu etc

My Comments:
OMG! I miss the drama already!! Lol. I've anticipated this series and then reading and synopsis, i thought maybe it won't be such a good series, so don't have high expectations but no! It was a great drama! Every single episode was very interesting, I couldn't let myself miss even a episode (though i did, coz i can't help it, had to go out and missed the ep) I think this series is very unpredictable at times, I can never guess what Kenneth is up to. There were also some unexpected cast like Angela Tong, Ram Chiang, Jack Wu and etc. There many touching, sad and funny warm family scenes. Which makes people feel emotional when they watch. Could really feel their family warmth. The story really reminds us of Moonlight Resonance. Like Hor Ma, Yuen Chao also have lots of kids to look after and also even a 'Lor Nui' Tavia in MR and Natalie in Fistful. And both paired/likes their older brother. And also a Sa Yi. Uncle Cheung. Uncle Cheung is one funny character, he makes the story funny.

I loved and enoyed watching the scenes where Kenneth gathers people and starts talking, every single scene of those are epic. Like the one how he goes to Wing Dak's house and makes Selena lie about his asthma. And etc etc. Episode 22 was also another epic scene! How Dominic pretends to see his son on the stage but actually is someone else (But yeah, it IS his son, he was pretending) That was one epic scene i recon XD.

The scene where they finally found their father's dead body was so sad. All of them were crying calling 'father'. Was also very sad that Ram died, I never expected his death but yet he died. So sad.

Yuen Chao (Au Yeung Wai Lan) - There was one scene I really liked. Was where Kevin comes home and starts complaining about the family and says that Kenneth is a coward. Yuen Chao then comes and says Kenneth ain't a coward. He tried everything he can but in return, he got the asthma. That scene was so sad, i cried. ): It was very mean of Dominic to accuse Tavia of writing all the letters and saying she was a crazy woman and forcing her to go to the mental hospital, luckily she didn’t in the end, she had to plead to the officer.

Kevin Cheng (Koo Yue Cheung) - Personally, I find Kevin's role a bit boring. I didn't like how he kinda surpassed Kenneth in fighting. ): But anyway, if it wasn't him, he won't win the competition. It was weird in the scene where Nataiie gets raped and shes crying at the dinner table but no one notices but Kevin.. Kinda weird... They made it like they don't care about Ah Ngan.

Kenneth Ma (Koo Yue Tong) - Tong Gor Jai! I love him! Loved Kenneth’s character the most, he was smart and can fight well. Didn’t like how Kevin surpasses him slowly throughout the series. Kenneth is really unexpecting. Whenever there’s a problem, he will always solve it, like his personality. But no one can guess what he’s up to, I always anticipate scenes where he solves the problem and I can never guess what he’s up to. Just can’t stop talking about how Kenneth’s character shone in this series. He never gives up in this series, he tries his best and aims for something for the family. But unfortunately he get asthma and cannot fights much in the series. Love his smartness and he is so funny. Like how he gives people a lecture, like to Chan Gill and finally she tells KC that she kidnapped him. And also how Yuen Chao finally agreed to take the operation in ep 5. It feels like Kenneth was playing himself, the funny side of him.
(Note-Stupid Blogger deleted my thoughts about Kenneth, had to retype it =.=")

Selena Li (Wing Tsz Ching) - Selena is my second favorite character. Really enjoyed watching Selena and kenneth scenes, they always flirt around. Like the last scene. And all the bike riding scenes. But I couldn't believe that Selena actually wanted to commit suicide. I mean, her character was so out-going. Lol. Feel sorry for her. Luckily Kenneth saved her (:

Dominic Lam (Wing Tak) - He was so evil! His actions are deadly evil. If TVB makes a Best Villian, Dominic will really deserve it. His acting skills are great. I can't believe his evilness though. He can so act like he didn't kill Yuen Chao's father and step-mother, and that his son didn't kill Ah Guang. He made his daughters believe him. He saves his son and lets him participate again and pretends to 'think' that's his son. His death was unexpecting to me, I was expecting something else. Lol

Kara Hui (Cheung Sheung Chu) - Kara was one loving mother, her acting skills was great too. Her evil smile to Yuen Chao when they went to their house to try get Eric Li to jail was SO evil!!! I mean, she wasn't really an evil character... but yet she had such a evil smile! XD But her ending was really sad.

Natalie Tong (Ying Ngan Ming) - One breakthrough character for Natalie. Her character was interesting, had many crying scenes. I liked the boat scene, she cries so much, wanting to help find her brother. And super sad when she talks about her past, thoses scenes made me cry. Cried the most when she said that Tavia said she doesn't want Natalie to be like her son. And so agree with Kevin in the end, Natalie's character has such a bad life. Getting Abounded by her father, and getting raped and then getting kidnapped. Eric Li was such a creepy character, following Ah Ngan and singing behind her back. Shivers...
I liked watching where Kenneth tries to encourage Natalie to stand back up after her getting raped. By showing her that people won;'t make fun of her, she needs to stand out the tell everyone the truth.

Shirley Yeung (Koo Man Kuen) - Shirley's character was a bit loud and kinda exggerating. Wish she had a bigger role. I think I'd prefer they didn't change the script and just make Shirley a greedy character. Because her role like this is wayyy too small!! And I didn't know that Shirley ws paired with Jack. Lol. But hey... did they even end up?! They didn't talk about it... is her role THAT small... =.="

Jacky Heung (Wing Man Kuan) - He gets such a big role his first time. I think he was fake. Acting skills is not THAT good, and I personally think he's kinda ugly, no offense okay... But recon he looks a little better when he was dressed neatly, when he 'DIED'

Nancy Wu (Chow Bing Bing) - I seriously hated Nancy for a while when she was complaining how Ram killed her father and makes him make lies to Kevin’s family. I was like ‘serves you right’ when watching the scene where Ram told everyone the truth. And especially where she kept making random things accusing Natalie. I still think her character is so fake. Even in the end, it felt like she was just pretending... but whatever. I don't like her character.


Kenneth Ma & Selena Li (Koo Yue Tong & Wing Tzs Ching) - I fell in love with this couple. I love how they call each other, "Tong Gor Jai" and "Ah Mui" I liked how they always bump into each other when riding bikes. Kenneth is hilarous! I really liked the ending of them. Even though they didn't really say they ended up together but it was so cute! XD I thought the last ep would of talk about the family in the last second but no, it was KS! XD I wanna see them pair up again!!!!! :)

Kevin Cheng & Natalie Tong (Koo Yue Cheung & Ying Ngan Ming) - This couple was average. They were okay. They didn't talk much about their ending anyway. But Kevin cared a lot for Natalie, that was cute (:

Kevin Cheng & Nancy Wu (Koo Yue Cheung & Chow Bing Bing) - Love triangles are getting into me... I don't like them that much now. This couple... is fake... what;s the point of their realtionship when she lies about everything about herself... even if you're REALLY real this time, you shouldn't lie.

Actor: Kenneth Ma!
Actress: Selena Li!!
Least Favorite Character: N/A Or maybe Nancy? Well, I didn't hate her ALl the time, just then she was making stuff up
Improved Character: Natalie Tong
Funny Character: Kenneth Ma!
Couple: Kenneth and Selena!
Scenes: Sorry, but I had heaps, I've listed some before already in the review (:
My Rate to this series: 9/10

Worth Watching?
Yes! I really enjoyed it! And miss it now! If you actually noticed, I have 9/10, which is also same rate to Rosy Business. Lol. or maybe 8.5? Anyone actually thinks it doesn't worth that much or actually didn't like Fistful?
Wow, this is one long review. I wonder if anyone would really read it XD haha. Thanks to those who actually read my thoughts! *bows*

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