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SOS Ep 3 &5
The Speech of Silence - Ep 3 &5
Note: Sorry, I was going to get ep2 and 4 too, but since those episodes aren't that good and not much scenes I liked, so I did these scenes only.
People were suspecting Kate for stealing videos but she actually didn't. Her boss let her a few days off, Kenneth thinks that she's not happy so he took Kate to this chilli noodle shop. You have to eat a big bowl of chilli noodle in 7mins, if you can, you don't need to pay but if you can't you have to pay for it. Then Kenneth found out that Kate wasn't unhappy about it, then they also found out that both of them cannot eat chilli. They decided to leave.

But as they were going to go, the chilli noodles have already made. They had to eat it in 7mins. Since they had no choice, they ate it.

In episode 4, it tells that Kate liked Matthew Ko. Then in ep 5 Kenneth helpes Kate with the date. He tells Matthew to watch a movie that had less talking, so its easiler for Kate. And also told him to go to a cafe that was less noise. But Kate found out it wasd Kenneth helping. She didn't like it so she talked to Kenneth. Kenneth said that shop, give you another 2mins now, which makes 9mins. Kate went there and told him don't do it again coz she'll get affected easily when people does things for her so its easiler for her.

My Comments: I love these scenes. So funny, you have to finish them in 7mins. I can never do that! I can't eat chilli either. Wonder if they'll made more of these scenes? LOL...btw, you can click the screencaps to enlarge it. Not very clear when its small.

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