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No Regrets Review

Name: No Regrets/巾幗梟雄之義海豪情
Episodes: 32
Genre: Pre-Modern/ Japanese war
Cast: Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Raymond Wong, Fala Chen, Pierre Ngo, Evergreen Mak, Kara Hui, Susan Tse, etc

My Comments:
Yes, an awesome series it is. It's quite sad though. Watching this series tells us how much the chinese suffered in that time period, first the Japanese war and then an inner war. I didn't quite like the ending of this. I guess it can't be helped that they see each other again when they're old since they're following the history of not allowed to go overseas or something until around 1970s. I think they should of made them meet again in the church or something. The idea of Wayne losing his memories is alright, but I'd prefer he recovered them quickly and I dunno... somehow get to see her in the church... But anyway, I think the last two episodes were pretty much flashback episodes. I think it wasn't very necessary. Too long, should of kept it shorter I guess.

But anyway... the series was very enjoyable to watch. I like watching how whenever Miss Kau is in trouble, Lau Sing is always there to help here like the last part where the citizens want to kill her and he comes rescue her. I thought the series should of added a 'quote' that'd be memorable to audience like in RB, "How many nine years does one life has?" I guess you could say there is one in NR, which Lau Sing says to Miss Kau a few times which is, "Don't always think about others, think about yourself" Or maybe the one that Sheren said a few times... can't translate it but I think it basically means... uhh actually im not too sure XD

Wayne Lai (Lau Sing) - Wayne's character is quite opposite to RB. He's more enthusiastic in this series. At first watching the first few episodes, I thought he's a person with quite bad temper but as you watch, he's actually not as bad tempered you'd think. I think Wayne did a very good job here. I enjoyed watching his character a lot. Oh I love the part where the Japanese tell him and Miss Gau to say "Japan rulez' or some sort and he says something similar which has totally different meaning XD

Sheren Tang (Cheng Kau Mui) - Her character also totally opposite kinda... Her character is very unexpecting. I kinda knew her role isn't really the villian and I was right! ^^ Her character is so smart, her brain turns so quickly. Many epic scenes in this series. I liked the one how they showed the record of her and she showed her uncles exact same XD

Raymond Wong (Yeung Yeung) - Found his name funny at first. I like his character, I like how he cares for Ching Ching so much and doesn't care even though she has an illness and everything. I liked the part where he stands up for Fala when the japanese tried to get her.

Fala Chen (Lau Ching) - I like her name XD Haha. Her character is alright. It can be interesting at times but not all the time. The diary entries sometimes aren't very interesting. I like her character being easy-going and cheerful all the time. Liked when the time she becomes more brave, even pretended her heart stopped to prove to the japanese. At first I thought that Japanese guy that likes her has something behind planning but lol, turns out to that he likes her. Ching Ching quite brave holding that fake grenade.

Pierre Ngo (Tong Kat/Pai Guat) - I totally forgot his real character name until checking it up on wiki xD I really like his character as well. Like it more than Yeung Yeung. His acting greatly improved. Love how he is a scaredy cat and turns more brave. Especially where he shots King Kong. Nice! ;) I found him funny in the first episode how he was embarrassed to take off his shirt XD The first few episodes focused on him a lot, enjoyed watching them!

Evergreen Mak (Leung Fei Fan) - I didn't like his character too much because he was so annoying and disturbing. But he did a great job too. The award for him was deserving. Though I also wanted Pierre to win ^^ I was wondering if he was REALLY regretting when he was trying to be make up for everything with Pai Guat and the others. He wasn't the character I hate most though.

Nancy Wu (Ma Lai Wah) - Like I just said, Leung Fei Fan isn't the character I hate most, its her. I really dislike Nancy's character. She panics when theres a problem and annoys people when theres nothing wrong, she's a total brat. SO ANNOYING!! I hated her a lot in especially two scenes which I think everyone prob did?! #1 - When she told the japanese about Ching Ching, #2 - When she betrayed Miss Gau. I find it so disgusting seeing her marrying Elliot. O.O

King Kong (Mukaiyama Tetsuya/向山鐵也) - Yea, his japanese name there ^^ At first I found him a funny japanese, seeming to be quite nice. But lol, actually isn't very. He needs to improve his cantonese, its funny. Love when WCL was pretending to be Miss Gau and he tells King Kong to speak clearly then she/he decides to watch the subtitles instead XD Anyway, didn't like him when he surrendered and being all so......... yea...

Relationships -
Lau Sing & Miss Gau - Well, there isn't much about them. I liked how they talk in the church. Sad they didnt mention much about the church in the end. Or did they?

Yeung Yeung & Ching Ching - They're alright. I anticipated their storyline, ended up Okay. The parts of where he builds that Ching Ching house was kinda boring though...

Actor: Wayne
Actress: Sheren
Least Favorite Character: Nancy Wu
Funny Character: Isn't really one...
Improved Character: Pierre Ngo
Couple: I guess Yeung and Ching..
Scenes: The epic ones haha, like i'll bother listing...
My Rate to this series: 8.5/10

Worth Watching?
Yeah, though i find it quite sad at times but good drama to watch!

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